Thursday, October 17, 2013

A thank you and a follow up

I have to say THANK YOU! Thank you to each and every one of you who are cheering me on. You all are such a great support. I know I’ll be coming back to everyone’s comments in twitter, instagram and here when I’m neck deep in homework to be reminded that I have a great cheering section.

First day went alright. I could certainly use someone skilled in the ways of Chemistry to step forward and teach me everything they know…in baby steps, because that’s Greek to me, but I hope to get in a ‘learning’ groove to nail these classes.

Once in awhile I’ll get someone asking how the ol’ feet are doing so… at the beginning of the week, I had to go see a doctor for my disability. It was a review of sorts, where the State hired him to do an independent assessment to determine I am in fact still disabled and able to keep my benefits. It turned out to be quite the visit, I have to say. I was in the room with the doctor for an hour and a half. That has to be the longest I’ve ever had a dr. in the room.

He asked so many questions and was incredibly detailed and left me with a lot to think about in regards to my retirement, which I can’t quite go into but this guy seemed like a really good dr who knows his stuff. Whereas the dr. I saw years ago who I feel is largely the reason I’m in the condition I’m in, was not.

Hindsight..always 20/20.

The worst part of the whole visit was him being unable to tell me any of his thoughts on my condition. Even unable to refer a dr. to me as it would be a conflict of interest to the job he was hired to do. The only thing he would say was any dr. who got hold of my file wouldn’t want anything to do with me and my problems.

Well, that’s a comfort.

Maybe he isn’t such a great doctor after all…

Now I get to wait to get word from the State on whether he deems me still incapable of doing the job to maintain my disability benefits. I’m praying so because this girl can’t handle the idea of losing her benefits.

Has anyone ever had to go through this? Going on disability and then being under review after a few years? Preferably in California but would still love to hear feedback if anyone’s gone through it in their state.


completely unrelated but had to share the hummingbird escaping the wind the other day.

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Lisa said...

Hey you, I know that obviously things are very different in SA than over there but since I work with incapacity on a fairly regular basis I thought I would weigh in.

Firstly, over here those on incapacity are reviewed annually. It is quite the process as they have to see dr's get reports and do quite a bit of hoop jumping to retain their benefits. I often feel sorry for those who don't have physical ailments but mental issues because they are so much harder to "prove".

I have an ex-employee under review at the moment and they are really asking a lot of her in terms of seeing a variety of doctors and providing supporting documentation. In her case they are trying to establish if her disability prohibits her from working at all or just from fulfilling her previous position. If she cannot provide sufficient proof they will reduce her benefits and "force" her to find employment. I am sure it is a pretty challenging process all over the world as well as very stressful.

Will be praying that all goes well.

God bless said...

i have had to do annual reviews and was always approved. I got off before i got kicked off.

What is the matter with your feet?? I assume that is why you no longer do corrections??

Ross said...

I've been off on disability for 8yrs now with my CRPS. Every year my case is reviewed and without fail it's renewed every year. If you have any questions though please feel free to contact me at


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