Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend recap

Last night, I watched the fourth game of the World Series with my parents. Let this be the one and only time I sat and watched a baseball game. Wine was involved, so that helped. As did the cheeseburger. And the chocolate...

Did I tell you about this chocolate?? A sugar free, paleo chocolate…that I made with 3 ingredients?! I got it from Delighted Momma and it is different, but it is good. One that had me feel guilty bringing it to my mouth after all this time with no sweets. Coconut oil, raw honey and cocoa powder, with sprinkles of sea salt. Mix it, freeze it and call it good.

If I had known about this at the beginning of my no sugar thing, I would have been making it constantly to get through these 30 days. Only a few days left!

For the first time this season, I donned my boots. During the Fall/Winter months, I really like to wear my skinny jeans with boots, but I learned over the weekend, it’s best not to throw the football in them. Or get down into a hiking position. I was sad to see, once I got down to hike the ball, after numerous hikes, I had a nice tear on the inside on my thigh. One should know one’s limit.

But my jeans weren’t done taking abuse because later that night my niece peed on them and then smacked the bowl of apple sauce out of my hand and had it go all over the jeans as well. Poor jeans had seen better days.

You know how the little things can keep you going or make you happy when you aren’t feeling the happiest? I got my student ID over the weekend and it was pretty exciting. I took my own picture for it, so I knew I’d like the picture, but they didn’t have it lined up properly. And if there’s few things I’m OCD over, it’s lining things up. There’s a very large part of me that wants to…(and most likely will) call them to ask for it to be fixed. I mean, I can’t very well hold onto this ID for potentially 4 years with an off picture!? Not to mention my student number is on their twice!

I could just make up the story that it was damaged beyond use..that might work, and casually mention for them to do the picture the way it should be.

Too much?

Speaking of too much. I have so much left to share about Japan. So so much. Eventually, I’ll be rolling it out, because I want to remember it as I do now before it’s all gone. Hopefully you all will enjoy the fun things I have to show you. I got to do some crazy bizarre things that had us saying over and over ‘this is so weird!’.
So, more to come on that trip that happened over a month ago…how time flies.

How was your weekend?? What all did you get to do?

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The Heart Of A Woman said...

I want to try the chocolate things! Alan and I are going a month without sugar! We will cheat one weekend because it's his ten year reunion. I have been so sick lately and want to see if cutting out so many processed foods, sugar, and some carbs (not all) will help. This is day one! It hard already!


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