Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Once in a lifetime experience

I have to jump back to Japan because I have so much left to share. Especially this particular day that will forever be engrained in my brain as one of the neatest most amazing experiences of my life. Not many get this opportunity and I was honored to be a part of it.

The day after arriving in Japan, I got to go on the USS George Washington, the nuclear aircraft carrier, for an entire day. I got to experience it leaving port, going out to sea, an airshow, fighter jets taking off, landing, a personal tour throughout the entire ship (by my one and only), and it returning to port.

In one word it was AMAZING

We had to get up fairly early to get breakfast on the boat, and let me tell you…ship food is something to pass up. I feel for the deployed. It was served in the hangar bay, and holy moly, it was so incredibly humid there, every single person was dripping sweat, and all the military personnel had to be in their uniforms. I felt for them even more.

The halls and ladders require a person to be in shape. Stepping over, climbing up, walking through, going down… it had me lost and turned around, all while {quietly} (…I have a reputation to uphold) huffing and puffing as we took ladder after ladder to go higher and higher.

Walking around the flight deck had me so giddy and nervous inside. Between you and me, I get really nervous around G-man’s work because I want to act proper, not mess anything up, and play by the rules. It’s like I imagine myself as a child walking through a china shop and having to hold my hands together so I won’t bump or break anything. I get that nervous. I loosened up eventually but as I told G-man at one point, I just don’t want to embarrass him in any way around his peers.

-he quickly put it to rest that I could never embarrass him-

Like everyone else, we had free reign of {almost} the entire ship, walking around at our leisure, enjoying all the little ins and outs of the ship, so G-man let me take my time as I walked around the flight deck, soaking it all up. It was memorable.


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http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

Your pics are too close, i had to google it to get a better idea of what you were talking about so i could appreciate it better.

I love new experiences, even better that you got to experience it with your man who was able to explain all the functions to you.

How neat :)


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