Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Get in front of the camera

I’m in a couple photographers forums, and one thing I noticed a lot of them say is how much they don’t get in front of the camera. How they take pictures of their kids, their husband with the kids and even their dogs, but they generally stay behind the camera..
a) because in their minds, who else will take the picture
b) they know their cameras best, and
c) which is the most common reason: they don’t want to be photographed. Whether they think they look horrible, unkempt, not where they wish they were physically, messy hair, no make up..and the list goes on.

A high percent of mom’s are never in the shots with their kids because they don’t like the way they look. So years go by with no memory for the kid of MOM.

I am one of those kids. I’ve talked about it before, and there’s no doubt I love my mom (I love you, mom), I just know the other side of it as the kid of having virtually no photos of my mom to look back on. And to be honest, it makes me really sad.

Even as an adult, I probably could count on two hands the photos of mom and me, maybe truthfully one hand.

On Monday, that all changed. I was determined once I found out my mom was getting off work early, to get some nice shots of us. And what was even better, my sister was coming over as well. I didn’t tell either of them until they got to the house, because I’m all for the element of surprise. My sister rolled her eyes, grabbed at her clothes and gave me that look of dread.

I shooed her to the bathroom to use my flat iron and makeup at her will and told her this was happening, so to get to it. (I’m the real sweet loving gentle sister, if you hadn’t noticed)

Once she was all done, I called her out to get some test shots so I could get my camera ready.

And then we got my mom to join. I took some of my sister and mom first and had a ball with it. Those two together are complete goofballs, laughing almost the whole time. Then I got my settings right in the camera, handed it to my sister and had her take some of mom and me.

It all turned out a complete success and I’m excited I have these new photos to cherish. It only struck me after we were done, to have gotten some with my sister and me  …next time.

Friends, moms, sisters, kids, I can’t encourage you enough to get in front of the camera. Freeze time in a photo. It doesn’t matter how you look, it matters that you’re there.

Go. Go grab your mom. Or your kids. Set the timer. Use the remote. Utilize your husband and have these precious moments together photographed for everyone to look back on in fondness.

Your kids will thank you..and if you let yourself, you’ll thank you too.

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debjones:) said...

Beautful photos! And I agree with you - I hardly have any photos with myself and my mom while I was growing up either. I don't think my parents ever put a whole lot of emphasis on photos back then - now that I think about it, there's really not a whole lot floating around of any of us! Kinda sad...

~Love Lis said...

This is so cute and true!!! :) I definitely need to have more photos where I'm in them. What a great reminder!

Michelle Alonzo said...

Great photos, Em. And, wow! You look seriously, amazing in that color.

Callie Nicole said...

Love this, you are so right. I love the pictures of you with your mom!

The Heart Of A Woman said...

You are so right! Pictures help us to remember! I am guilty of not being in the picture :/ I need to change that! Great pics!

Lisa said...

Such beautiful photos and memories. I guess for me I have seen the value in having these stolen moments captured for prosperity. After my dad passed away I wanted to fill this awesome frame I found (with ten frames inside it) with photos of my dad with my mom, with me and with my brother. Then I realised how few I had from when we were kids. Thankfully, last year despite him being sick I took plenty of photos with all of us and those are very precious in deed!!

Thanks for the reminder!!

LeAnna said...

Your sis will treasure these! Love them. And I see SO much of your Mom in you!!


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