Thursday, October 24, 2013

“People shouldn’t go to college online”

One week down and I’m feeling rather good about things. All my assignments have been turned in for the week, I’m ready to face the next week’s worth of assignments and happy to be moving right along in my little quest of a degree.

I’ve been getting asked how is it that I’m only in my first week, and not half way through the semester already, and I thought I’d explain what that’s all about.

With ASU, they offer 6 different start dates for online students. It’s all in conjunction with the normal semester program, however the one thing that’s different is it’s broken down into 7 week programs as opposed to the full 12-14 weeks a typical college semester is.

So, technically I joined in the middle of the Fall semester, but my classes are only 7 weeks; 2 classes per each 7 weeks, giving me a full time student schedule. They call it the ‘accelerated program’ but all it really is is a condensed program, because they’re cramming a full semester’s class into 7 weeks.

It definitely is a challenge, can be (ok, it is) overwhelming, but having that ‘7 week’ mindset really helps with pushing through to the end.

I really like having a shorter time frame than normal. Allowing me to only focus on 2 classes with such a short end goal, let’s me focus all my attention on my assignments while giving me that little bit of hope that it’ll all be over before I know it. To me, I see this as an easier opportunity to succeed. Having short term goals, like making it through Chemistry, has me thinking, ‘if I can do THIS and get it out of the way, I can do ANYTHING’, keeps me believing I can ACTUALLY DO THIS!

And there’s no denying Chemistry is making my head spin. I went so far as to hire a tutor and he turned out to be a major disappointment, chiding me for wanting to use my calculator, telling me a particular problem “is really easy…” (silly me, why did I hire a tutor if it was SOO easy?), saying people shouldn’t do college online, and doing all my work on his own without so much as an explanation to anything.

I told him at the end, I didn’t think I’d use him again (in a nice way) and he awkwardly shook my hand and left. I wanted to look around at everyone in Starbucks that day and say…Anyone else feel awkward through that whole hour?! But I refrained. I’m hoping this next tutor I’m meeting with is a little more helpful.

I didn’t expect my first nay sayer to be someone who was supposed to help me succeed in school, but I knew they would come and I know there will be more, but that’s ok. Not everyone will understand what I’m wanting to do.

The other night, my mom surprised me with an ASU t-shirt. My first! I wish I could explain how this truly warmed my heart. It meant so much to me, seeing her support and excitement for me, it put such a big smile on my face the rest of the night.


All in all, it’s coming along. I count down in weeks, have already made a friend through another student living in N. Carolina and feel the love and support from everyone, which keeps the drive alive inside. {say that five times fast}. And I’m happy. …I like happy.

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Callie said...

Sheesh, not a great tutor - and what's wrong with doing college online? I did organic chemistry online. It's doable.

Michelle Alonzo said...

Happy looks good on you, friend.

Wendy said...

Super excited and happy for you, girl! I only like about 3 semesters of college having a degree myself, and I would love to go back and finish up one day. You inspire me! I'm looking forward to following your journey. Hang in there. You got this! :-) said...

How can one be a tutor and then insult the person you are supposed to be tutoring. How weird & rude!! Hope the next one is better.

The Heart Of A Woman said...

I am so proud of you my beautiful friend!

Lauren said...

Rude rude. I would have probably fired him with in a few moments! My classes are much like yours. My classes are in 6 week increments and one class at a time. One night a week for 4 hours! It can definitely be overwhelming. Cheering you on!!! *\/* <---me cheering you on :)


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