Friday, July 1, 2011

30 to 30

It’s my birthday month. Like, for reals, yo.

And look at who’s kicking off my birthday month with me.

Yup, I found a picture of his backside. That’s right! He’s real…I know some of you were thinking I made him up with the whole ‘no pictures’ thing. Winking smile (We were in England freezing our tails off walking around a massive castle.) note to self. do not visit Europe during one of the worst winters in history.

But yes, he’s here!! He got in late late last night and I couldn’t be happier. He just got back from 2 weeks in “Y” country and I’m so thrilled to start my month with him. What better way!?

He only gets to be here for the 4th of July weekend, but I’ll take the time I have. His mission and he jumped at accepting it, is taking care of me. G-man said, he had to come because he wanted to take care of me for a change. I’ll happily let him.

So let’s get down to the nitty gritty! In 30 days, I’ll be 30 years old on the 30th of July.

Do you see how important this birthday is going to be!?? I have to do something major to celebrate. I’ll never turn the day my birthday’s on again so let’s hear some ideas.

What should I do to celebrate this once in a lifetime birthday?

What did you do when you turned your day? (am I the only one that thinks I need to do something for turning the # of my day?)

Should I scale Mt. Kilimanjaro or something?? Ok, maybe not that, but I want it to be EPIC!

I want it to be like no other birthday I’ve had before. Throw your ideas at me, any and all! All and any!! Let’s hear whatchya got!

And you have yourself a wonderful 4th of July weekend while you’re at it!…and keep brainstorming over the weekend too. I’m patient. I can wait for you to conjure up something so great, so fantastic, so monumental that it will blow. our. minds!!! and mainly mine…cause I want my mind to blow (figuratively speaking of course)

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The Blogivers said...

Hooray for your golden birthday! I say go skydiving.

Janine said...

I think you should go rafting on the Colorado w/G-man

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Aww! So glad your guy is here this weekend. And WOW. This IS a big burthday coming up!! You better do something good. I will think on this.


My birthday is December 5th, so my special day was many years ago... but I DO distinctly remember waking up that morning of my 5th birthday and jumping on our couches squealing, "I'm five! I'm five! I'm five!" Hehe. It was a big day.

Anna said...

Happy (early) birthday! I came to your blog via a beautiful journey. :)

Sam {} said...

hmm, i'll be thinking. i think learning some new skill could be awesome...i'll get back to you :)

Tatiana said...

yay for Gman being here and taking really good care of ya! And for your 30th, you should hang out with me. EPIC!

Megan said...

He is real!! Haha. That made me laugh. I'm glad that he is home and taking great care of you!!

Definitely do something amazing. It's your golden birthday!!

LeAnna said...

You could get MAWWIED on your 30th birthday!!!! That would be EPIC.

No? Well, okay then...

You should definitely spend it with people you love. Definitely. :)

Erin Pasillas said...

Ok.. when I turned my day, I was 4. BUT I do remember that I had a Purple Polkadot Pizza Party (because even at 4, I was all about alliteration and super hip things like that!). I wore a purple polka dot (surprise!) foofy dress, had pizza at THE pub-n-sub and invited 4 friends. It was great!

So, if you want to have a ton of fun, you could recreate that bday, only you should invite 30 friends ;)

OR... I have a tshirt I got at a conference last summer that has the word "EPIC" across the front. I'd totally let you borrow it and wear it on your day, and then no matter what you did, it would absolutely be EPIC... heck, you could wear it all month and it would be 30 day of EPIC leading up to the big 3-0!

OR...not. Totally up to you :)

Christina said...

My friends are planning something fairly epic, or so I am told. And the week before I am going to Seattle. I think that will be a great way for me to celebrate 30 on the 30th...hmmm. Make your friends throw you a crazy bash!

P.S. I totally think it's important to celebrate big on the golden birthday. Especially one that you are old enough to remember, and one that is kinda a big deal, like 30.

denise* paper angels said...

haha... i dont know!!! often it's the people you spend it with rather than what youre actually doing i guess... :) have something that involves everyone. ok not very helpful advice, sorry :P xx


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