Friday, July 15, 2011

15 days and counting

Are we all aware of this?! What? You weren’t?? Crazy because I could have sworn I told you at least once…or twice.

OK yes! this is the 3rd time I’m mentioning I’ll be turning 30 this month. I’m feeling weird here, work with this poor aging cripple, ok?

But wait, tell me if this is, odd. I saw that someone read my blog from a government server from the House of Representatives in DC the other day. Can I just say, that scared me a bit. (if you happen to come back today and see that I’m talking about you, um, don’t fear but put my fear to rest by saying you weren’t “checking up” on me. Ok, thanks!)

It makes me want to be careful with the things I talk about. G-man is in the military and even though I’m careful, I can’t have anything interfere with his career.

AAAAAANYHOOOOO let’s resume, shall we?

Let’s see if I can bestow some wisdom on you all as I figure out what I learned at each passing year. Prepare yourself for mind blowing wisdom…or a bunch of random facts from my childhood.

1-4 Learned to walk, talk, skip and how best to maintain shyness (no really, all of that in 4 years!)
5 Having a nail stuck to a 2x4 go through your foot is not fun, rather painful but not crying shows awesome strength for a 5 year old.
6-9 Having and helping on a paper route lets you stay up real late, however when it rains you stay up even later and don’t enjoy it. But sitting on the window frame to throw the paper out the car is the best thing ever.
10 Turning double digits is the coolest.
11 Playing the flute is rad but when they’re out of flutes, playing clarinet is even radder! (especially when your oldest brother scores you a ‘free’ clarinet from somewhere)
- The boy that plays the saxophone and has a major crush on you; will buy you dweebs anytime you want. Even when he says he’s running out of money to buy you the dweebs..he’ll still buy them for you.
12-13 Learning what ‘is there a flood coming?’ by having someone ask you, is not what you strive for when you move to a small town and get to be ‘the new girl.’
- Being the tallest “person” in your grade and the grade above you is awkward.
14 Living on a farm requires you to work in freezing temperatures.
- Watching your brother jump to the next hay stack, lose footing and fall 14 feet down with hay falling around him, is funny. Jumping to the next hay stack, losing footing and falling 14 feet down flat on your back, is not.
- Not being taller than boys anymore is a good thing. Not being the tallest girl anymore is harder to take than you thought.
15 Being boy crazy is no fun when you can’t date.
- Sports is all that defines you, not looking stylish, not being in the cool group (far from it), just sports.
em196em197em198can we please pause to observe the skillful photographer who happens to have his shadow in the picture?! Negative: lighting is apparently behind him. Positive: it makes me look really TAN when I wasn’t.

Seeing how it’s 15 days out and half way to 30, I’ll stop there. Don’t want to overload you with my childhood cuteness and all. Small doses is what I say.

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Ashley said...

HAHA, loved this post and your pics! I played volleyball too! Always wanted to play basketball because I love it, but just not coordinated enough to play lol

Sam {} said...

ok, the haystack story sounds PAINFUL! and you were a brave little girl!

Jennifer said...

Aw, kid Emily is so cute! :)

Christina said...

HAHAHA photography fail.

P.S. Kids can be so cruel.

bunky153 said...

ahh..those were the days. I miss watching all those games.

Jossie said...

Oh my gosh that brings back memories! I believe I pretty much have those exact same volleyball and basketball pictures. Good times in HS.

Erin Pasillas said...

So awesome!! First thing I noticed about the volleyball pic... SHADOW! Super:) I can totally relate to your life from age 11 on... except, I played the saxophone and the boy I had a crush on played the clarinet; I was NEVER the tallest person EVER, but almost always the SHORTEST; never had a brother, but understand feeding animals in freezing temps!; and 15 was TOTALLY my 15!! So cool;)

carissa said...

you're good at making me laugh. you were cute then and you're cute now!

Annie M Culley said...

Memories!! Those were fun times!


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