Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trip fail

There’s a reason why I keep things to myself most of the time. Why when people ask about certain ‘events’ in my life I refrain from giving them the details and play coy.

Over many years, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way, telling people my exciting news only to have it backfire. So imagine my chagrin when a trip that’s normally solidified on G-man’s word, a trip that I kept almost virtually to myself, gets canceled, and ok, yes, I told a few of you my plans. *sigh*

I was going to spend my birthday in Hawaii. G-man was going to fly me out a few days before and I was going to be there for 3 weeks.

Happy Birthday to me, right?!


Unfortunately he has to go to the south for work just a few days after my bday and we agreed it’s pointless only to have me be there for 1 week. I realize most people only spend a week in HI but this is me, where I spend a month or more there at a time and 1 week can’t be justified on the pocketbook.

I’m so bummed, like absolutely positively bummed beyond bummed. Now I have nothing to do for my epic day or weekend!

Epic FAIL is what its turning out to be.

This is typical Emily fashion right here. Super excited about things, about my big ol’ stinkin’ birthday and doing something to remember it and have it end in crappiness.

*unintentional pun there..ol’ stinkin’ …end in crappiness…gotta make light somewhere, right? ha!

Ok, I’m sorry. It still has potential to be something. And I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be a downer. I’m just sad, I have no plans now and I put way too much on this day and got myself disappointed.

Maybe it’ll turn out to be ok. There’s still a few days left to figure something out.

Anyone worked on any ideas? Remember when I said I needed your suggestions? I’m AAAAALL ears!

And seriously, since I can’t have you guys wanting to scratch your eyes out over this more than depressing post, I’ll leave you with some other ‘fails’ courtesy of pinterest.

and last but not least:

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that last one alone is doing the trick for me…

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Katie said...

Oh no!!! I'm so sorry Em! I'm sure you'll still find something to do! I'll try to think of some fun things :)

Natalie said...

NOOOO! Sorry about you're epic fail Emily! Hope you get to do something totally awesome for your 30th! =D

The Blogivers said...

Oh no! Biggest bummer ever :( I don't have any exciting ideas for you, but if it were me, the perfect remedy would be: pedicure + cupcakes + shopping + chips/queso/margaritas... maybe that will give you some inspiration!

GreenGirl said...

Story of my life-
I was THIRLLED for my 32nd birthday...following day I was laid off. :) But look how that turned out!
If all else fails, make a trip out here to Philadelphia! I have the 1st floor accomodated for the impailed... :)

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Oh SAD times! What a bummer. You have every validation to be down in the dumps, I'd be wallowing in self-pity right about now. Will you be able to make it to HI for a longer trip anytime soon? Hope you still have a marvelous birthday!

Megan said...

Ohhhhh no, Emily!! I'm so sorry that it didn't work out. : ( Although that picture of the look left totally made me laugh!

Hope you figure out something equally as amazing!

Rhiannon {Hey Gorg} said...

Oh no! You poor thing :( Hang in there!! Good things are too come!

Dilan Dilir said...

cute cake :)

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

i'm so sorry...bummer! what about a nice chocolate cake, some yummy champagne, good conversation with friends, and a nice phone convo with the boy?

angie on maui said...

Hi Love...

Ok, so that sad, crying cake photo is making me sad for you. :( I am so bummed for you that your trip is canceled! I totally "get" how a 1-week trip vs. a 1-month trip can make such a huge difference, trust me.

Since you are asking for ideas on what to do as an alternative, have you thought about just treating yourself to some pampering? I mean, really! Go get a massage, get your hair did, get a manicure (hold off on the pedi for right now, tho...gotta take care of the feet). And better yet, take a girlfriend with you! Or hey! What about a mini getaway? Take a roadtrip with your closest friend (oh man, I miss girlfriend roadtrips!), and make it a blissful, unabashedly self-absorbed 48 hours!

I am getting so amped with these ideas, you'd think it was MY birthday or something. ;)

Whatever you decide, enjoy yourself and have fun.


Jossie said...

Bummer dude! I wish I had some ideas for you but I did absolutely nothing special for my 30th either. A few weeks later I was kind of mad at myself (and my hubby, lol!) that we didn't do anything big since 30 is kind of a big deal. But, it's over and now I'm the big 31 :-( Anyway, I wish you could stay with us and do some fun things but the only thing I've got going on on your bday is 3 lia sophia parties. That sounds like a fun way to spend your bday right? Love ya woman! Hope someone else has some good ideas for ya!

Courtney B said...

I am SO sad for you Emily!! I HATE having my heart set on something and then having it shattered! It's the worst when it's completely out of your control!
I do hope you're able to have the best birthday ever, anyway!
And that last picture is seriously cracking me up :)


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