Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where am I going with this?

Do you ever look around your home for inspiration for your posts? I’ve been doing it for the past 2 hours and haven’t come up with anything. Odd that 7 tables, a bench, tv, couch and a front door aren’t inspiring a deep post from me.

Is it odd I just realized I have 7 tables in my little living and dining rooms? They all have a purpose and aren’t at all cluttering my space, promise.

On one table in particular is a hilarious get well card. The ever so sweet and insanely hilarious Tatiana mailed me a little care package. All the essentials if you ask me!
Inside the card says, ‘I hope you get the color back into your cheeks real soon.’

I cracked up laughing. (as you can see, that’s 1 of 7 tables) Thank you sweet friend, I loved everything!

Last night I watched The Capitol Fourth 2011 on PBS for my firework fix. Did anyone catch it? I know a lot of you couldn’t see the fireworks in your areas. If you saw it, wasn’t it spectacular??

I loved the music. That coupled with the firework display kept giving me goose bumps. Or as G-man says, chill bumps. Or does he say chill bumps for goose bumps and goose bumps for chill bumps…? I never can remember. It gave me the chills! Maybe it is chill bumps, then.

Since we’ve established this post has no substance (beyond you of course, Tatiana) I figure I’ll prepare you for tomorrow’s deep, deep deeep post. Ok, it’s not deep at all!

I get to tell you my exciting news! I’m super excited over it and can’t wait to share it with you! It’s only life altering information.

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Ashley said...

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's deep deep post! LOL. Um, those Skittles in your pic are looking pretty tasty right about now! #sugarjunkie :)

LeAnna said...

Life altering information? Yes, please!

Natalie said...

I watched The Capitol Fourth fireworks, and yes they were awesome! I also was able to catch the firework show taking place on New York's harbor, and they were equally awesome =D Hope you're recovering quickly, and I'm really looking forward to this deep post since you've been mentioning it for what? Two or three previous posts?! =D

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

oh i can't wait to hear the news!!

Tatiana is the sweetest little thing. oh, and i want her baby.

Michelle said...

I need to know your news!!!!!!!

Megan said...

That card is so adorable. Totally nurse humor. Haha. Love her. : )

Can't waittttttttt for the news!

And yes, we will take you on fire truck rides every.single.day if you move here!!

Tatiana said...

I hope your cheeks are all nice and rosy, if from nothing else but from the ability to use your own toilet seat and not the bucket next to your bed.
Love ya girly! True, true story!
PS: why in the world do you need 7 tables in one room for?

Cait said...

ahhh i want to know!! ps love your blog girl!


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