Thursday, July 28, 2011

Living in a perpetual countdown

Have you ever paid attention to how much we as people live in countdowns?

It’s never ending. There’s always something to countdown to.

A birthday




End of school
New Year
Birth of a baby
A wedding
A date
The last day of a job
Closing of a house
A move

YES! Lots of things we’re always counting down to and since we all know I’ve been counting down to my 30th birthday, it made me realize how much we and myself aren’t living in the present.

We’re always looking for what’s coming. Always looking forward to the next best thing or what’s coming next, when we aren’t even sure what our tomorrows will be like. It’s easy to get caught up in the things you’re doing and say to yourself, ‘I’ll just do it tomorrow.’ or ‘I’ll make time for them tomorrow.’ or ‘I’ll deal with it then.’ but in light of my co-worker’s unexpected death, doing something that everyone does every summer and his burial yesterday, it brings to light how much we need to live for this day and not always be looking to the future.

Not to mention just a week ago, I came across this blog where her husband who is a Marine, died in combat overseas. He was mere weeks from coming home and her post about the 3 Marines coming to her door and leading up to his burial, was so sad, so heartbreaking, as I read her account of it all. But then I read her post before his death and that broke my heart even more. Her excitement of just talking to him and counting down the days to his return and even emailing him pictures of the kids that morning of her finding out, ugh, it was so hard to read knowing he wasn’t coming home.

So, even though I know I’m guilty of it and I’m sure will fall back into it faster than I mean to, avoid that countdown. Focus on the moment today and make time for your kids who want to be silly with you. Realize that all that fancy china you’re waiting to use for a ‘special occasion’ should be used today. Love on your man and show him how much you appreciate him and let them all know that they are more important that work, cleaning, that tv show or whatever it is that’s taking your attention away from what’s really important.

Okay, I’ve stepped off my soapbox.

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Jhen.Stark said...

Wow, what a post. And so very true.

I went over and read the other blog, and what a raw filled blog that really does have you reevaluate your own perspective on things.

So thanks for the reminder!

Erin Pasillas said...

Thanks for the slap upside the head:)

The Blogivers said...

"Don't count the days - make the days count!"

Annie M Culley said...

That was a good soapbox post! I truly needed that today! Thanks Em!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

oh my word. i'm going to read that post now.... so sad.


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