Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eat it! ALL of it!

I'm a wasteful person. Especially when it comes to my food. It's in my blood....ok maybe not my blood, I can't really speak for my in my nature then.

I can't even tell you how much food I'd throw away every week because I let them rot in my fridge. It wasn't anything for me to see the veggies or the meat I left in the fridge or even freezer...or even the counter (...I know), and just throw them away. I'd sigh, say 'darn, did it again.' and go on my way. Never thinking twice about how much money I just threw away. But now? I really have no choice BUT to eat everything. If I do then I really am throwing what little money I have down the drain with no kick back.

So I'm changing my 'nature'. It's not so easy because there are days I do NOT want to cook and I really JUST WANT PIZZA but as the days tick along the food gets older and older.

I am happy to announce that since being home since the middle of January, I have NOT gone out to eat once. I've stayed home, eating whatever I got from the store. I'm not really the type to go out in the first place, but the pizza...I can't even tell you how much I've wanted pizza! But alas, I must resist.

Knowing I have some places to be soon, I feel this urgency to eat everything otherwise I WILL have to throw it all away. And I really don't want to do that. I cringe at the thought of that money lost. So today when I opened my fridge I got this awful whiff of something. I found 3 things questionable.

1. The edamame beans from Costco. $4
2. The leftover black beans in a airtight container (they are the stinkiest things ever!!) $.90
3. The leftover corn in a not so airtight container. $1.09

The immediate answer?? Edamame beans, they were moldy, and only 1/2 empty. *sigh*  And the black beans were getting...a little slimy. And the corn...well.... So I decided to use them before they died completely. Is it gross that I rinsed the slime off the black beans and put them in my salad? If it's any better I didn't use the corn...they were really slimy. But my salad was awesome. I make my own version of the CPK BBQ Chicken Chop Salad. I used to work there so I know what I love, and I love me some of this!!

It was divine, even without the corn. I made that ranch by the way...which I have to use before it goes bad. I really need to learn portion control. I make food to feed a family...and well...there's no family here.

So my challenge to myself...and even you! Is to use the food we have. Don't let them go bad. SAVE THAT MONEY!! It might be the only money you have one day.

*Random Tip: ((in honor of my sister)) When eating cup o' noodles and you see there's more than just those little pieces of vegetables floating on top...go with your instinct and don't eat it. Pin It Now!

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Janine said...

Ah...a 'lovely' family remembrance. It did scar her for life, poor thing.


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