Monday, February 14, 2011

I'm thankful for

On this lovely day which is Valentine's Day, I wanted to take a page from my new blogging friend, fitnessfoodandfaith and say what I'm thankful for this week. She's been doing it from the start of the year, but I'm new! so I'm picking it up from here.

I'm thankful for the self confidence I've gained since being with CDC. As my mom said, I used to be the kid that couldn't order for myself at a restaurant, I was so shy.

I'm thankful for the wonderful women I'm surrounded with at my Thursday night Bible Study.

I'm thankful for the little note I just got on my door from my neighbor asking when I wanted to get together with her for that glass of wine we talked about months ago.

I'm thankful for my momma. She's the greatest ever!

I'm thankful for God closing the door on CDC for me. It might not have been the way I planned or ever imagined, but He's allowing me to leave the department and that's a prayer I've prayed for 2 years now.

I'm thankful for being debt free. Not even a car payment and that's a joy I can't even begin to describe especially in light of my current circumstances...God is good!

I'm thankful for my other neighbor being home to redirect the flower delivery person to my apartment since they wrote it down wrong. Though now I feel bad because I'm sure she thought the flowers were for her.

And I'm thankful for the love of my life being..the love of my life. He's so caring and loving to me. Thoughtful and kind and beyond generous! Patient and sweet...and he even sent me flowers.

Yes, they're on the coffee table and that's where they'll stay. So I can see them at all times...and they smell so wonderful even from 5 feet away. I do love that man.

Speaking of love...
Romans 5:8  But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! Pin It Now!

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Sam {} said...

awww, yay!! thanks for the shoutout :)

happy, happy valentines day, lovely! hope you've had the best day :)


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