Friday, February 25, 2011

Fly away away

What tv show is that from?

I'll give you a hint. 90's family show and one of the kids is saying it. I know my mom will get it.

First one to post in the comments correctly wins a mental high five!! Cause...that's what I'm all about here, mental prizes. ;-)

My "bird" right now is this absolutely horrible sickness that fully hit me last night. And is even worse this very moment.

I can barely do anything. I have no energy, I've been shivering and shaking, I'm super weak. Coughed up my lung last night and now working on the other one. Can't eat. Only had 1 piece of toast, can't get down the other. I'm so cold and if you know where I am it's insane I'm cold right now.

I'm wearing a sweatshirt, my yoga pants with a blanket over me and I'm staring out the window at the day.
Take a look at what's torturing me right now...what I'm missing...what I'm being denied, why it's so crazy I'm cold right now!!!

Here I am all bundled up and yes I really did read the Bible. I didn't just put it there to make myself look good. Far from it!

And my stash sitting right next to me so I don't have to move anywhere. If only the bathroom was closer. All these liquids don't help the cause of immobility.

My carmex is such a necessity right now. One might say I'm addicted to it, while I say, 'I'm mouth breathing right now and I'll do anything that brings me a little comfort and happiness.'

Oh in a ever so small update from yesterday..I DID make it outside. I didn't strut my stuff like I said I would. More of a stiff sway. My feet can really cramp my style sometimes...

But I stayed out for OVER 2 hours and though no agencies strolled up saying WE MUST HAVE YOU!! I did have 2 guys come up to me to talk about my Kindle. One was early 20's, the other mid 60's. haha.

So no whoop whoop there, besides I'm unbelievably taken and find it more of a very mild hindrance than a form of flattery. I'm shy, I prefer to be left alone...another reason I'll skip venturing out. I'm totally lame!!

*Random Tip: If your Mom suggests you should bring a sweater to the movies or put a Kleenex in your purse/pocket. LISTEN don't just roll your eyes and say 'yeah yeah mom, whatever.' Because you will be cold in the theater and you will at some point need that Kleenex. Pin It Now!

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