Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Have you ever?

I've received quite a few '...ew, that TOTALLY grossed me out' comments regarding my slimy black beans. Privately of course, because if you look at the comments, there's only 1 and it's about the cup o' noodle. And I just have to say...they were fine! Seriously! I didn't even get sick, so no big whoop.

But it got me wondering if you've ever done something similar. So I'm playing a little "Have you ever..." game.

Have you ever been wheeled around in a wheelchair at a major airport?
  - Yes, twice in fact. And let me tell's very embarrassing. Especially when I knew everyone was looking at me wondering what was wrong since by all appearances I looked completely fine. And NO I wasn't faking it just to go to the front of the security line....though that is a SWEET bonus.

Have you ever seen a man lying face down on the ground but his foot is pointing straight up to the sky?
  - Yes, it was completely morbid. Just picture that...yeah, gross. But I couldn't take my eyes off it. He was in shock and wasn't feeling any pain. Story goes, his foot got stepped on while he was twisting and going to the ground. 

Have you ever been pulled over so many times for speeding that you're losing count? 
  - Yes... I think the number is 14. There might be 1 or 2 I'm forgetting though. 

Have you ever been pulled over for speeding only to have the cop follow you to Starbucks and pay for your coffee?
  - Yes, on my way to starbucks before heading to work one early morning. I knew he was behind me the entire time so I wasn't speeding...or so I thought. 35 in a 25 zone when I thought it was 35, *sigh*. He pulled me over, saw I was a c/o, let me go. And the next thing I knew after ordering in the drive thru the girl said the cop (who was inside) paid for my order!! I happened to order 2 venti's that cost $8. Hope he didn't mind paying for mine and my partner's. haha

Have you ever been startled in the middle of the night by what you thought was an intruder and you grab your shotgun only it's upside down and you walk around your bed to 'investigate' only to discover it was the book you left at the end of the bed that crashed to the ground?
  - YES!

Have you ever accidentally left meat out on the counter thawing through the whole night, discovering it in the morning, only to put it "quickly" (because that 5 seconds longer would have REALLY ruined it) in the fridge and cook it that night for dinner?
  - Yes. I had already thrown away steak a week before for doing that and it irritated me so much I did it again, that I just cooked it that night. It was fine! Though I really don't recommend that habit.

Have you ever been sprayed in the face with pepper spray?
  - Yes....many times. This is shortly after my first time... the redness looks mild but I'm here to tell you, it was like FIRE! 

Have you ever rode on tires so bald you could start seeing the metal pieces of the tire coming through?
  - Yes..but in my defense. I was young and very poor at the time and I hated my jeep so very much that the thought of dumping anymore than I ABSOLUTELY had to in it (which was mainly gas, and even then...) made me cringe. You'll be happy to know I broke down and replaced it...even though they said I needed all 4 replaced. PUH! Like I was going to do THAT! 

So....have you ever?!?

*Random Tip: Never ever under any circumstances curl your eyelashes on a school bus or in the back of the bus (where all the cool seniors are). One bump will, without a doubt, rip out every precious lash you have.
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Sam {} said...

haha! what a post. so many random facts :)


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