Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have you ever?

Since I got quite the little response to my last have you ever post I thought it would be fitting to do another. And maybe even make it a weekly Wednesday thing... I do happen to have a lot of "have you evers" in my life after all.

It was great getting emails and comments from you all, telling me how you've done the same thing or couldn't believe this or that. So without further comes round 2. (...I rhymed...did you see that?!)

Have you ever fallen while holding someone's baby?
- Yes, 18 years old, my Volleyball coach's baby was crying and I was the only one that could soothe her, only she wasn't stopping and it was dark, and I finally see my coach from a distance. As I take my first step, the huge stroller wheel, that I didn't see trips me, and I fall face first but land flat on my back. Everyone around me said in mid-air I flipped to protect the baby...I still don't know to this day how I did that. Freaked me OUT though!

Have you ever had a man scream at the top of his lungs 5 inches from your ear the day after sustaining whiplash, a concussion and enduring a monster size migraine?
- Yes, I gave him my famous stink eye, said some things to him and locked him up.

Have you ever been pulled over only to have the cop tell you he thought you were doing a high speed chase?
- Yes, and I have to say this is one of my top proud moment stories. is. He said it took him 11 miles to catch up to me from when he clocked me and due to my 'awesome abilities' of passing people in both lanes (my words not his) he thought I was running away from him. (he called it reckless driving, puh! what does he know) He said he almost radioed in a high speed chase, but at that moment I pulled over. He was mad at first but walked away smiling...I have that effect. =)

Have you ever seen a bike locked to a street light only to have everything but the frame stolen?
- Yes, in fact today. Here's my proof.

Have you ever died in your dream?
- Yes, I was a street cop, partner and I were chasing after 2 killers. We went out into the mountains, following them. I heard them coming so I hid under a massive boulder and watch one kill my partner. Then they walk up to the boulder, talk a bit. <I'm on my belly hiding> They talk about killing me and next thing I felt was blood trickling down my face from the gunshot to the head, no pain, but my body was slowly shutting down. Dead!

Have you ever apologized to your coffee for walking out of the room without it?
- Yes, I immediately walked back, said I was sorry, took a sip to show I meant it and we walked hand in handle the rest of the way.

Have you ever thanked an appliance for working? Out loud?
- Yes, all the time actually. My flat iron says 'dedeet dedeet' when it's ready to use and I always say 'thank you thank you' right back.

*Random Tip: Never put a male hamster in with another male hamster. ...Stay tuned next time for the reason why...
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Sam {} said...

hahaha, i love that you say thank you thank you to your flat iron! so cute.


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