Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Beth Moore conference

I feel it's my civic duty to inundate you with pictures from the conference.

But first, can I just say how crazy happy I am that I have 20 dear people that are willingly, without money exchanging hands, following me!? Ladies, my heart is overjoyed! Thank you so much!!

Beth Moore was awesome by the way. Everything was awesome. I got to go with quite a few wonderful women and was so stunned to learn we were given a private suite for the conference. I thought it was going to be a, sit with the masses seat, since I was treated to the event, (did I mention there were 6500 women there!?!? Crazy!) but no, we were blessed with someone donating us the tickets.

I'm so thankful for that...our suite was straight on with the stage which made me so joyful. My neck is a mess from an injury that keeps me from looking left or right for long times (I'm a wreck, I know) so being able to look straight ahead was a huge relief. And I got to take my shoes off which is another blessing. God was good to me this weekend, allowing me to focus on hearing His message and not my little aches and pains to take my focus away.

So...on to the pictures.
The arena was beginning to fill up.

We were getting so excited for it to start. Me, M, D, T and K.

18 seconds and counting

I liked the woman on the screen and the woman below with her hands up praising God.

Next morning before it began.

M, me and D

Me and T

P and me

My feet were intent on what she was saying...hope knowing my shoes were off doesn't gross you out. Or the fact that my toe likes to hide, it's apparently camera shy.
I {heart} all those women!

Like I said yesterday, she taught out of James 5:7-11. All about being patient for God's timing and waiting while He's working in us and others. One thing she kept saying that resonated with me was,

Don't turn on people, turn to God!

How often when frustrated, annoyed, impatient or whatever!, do you turn on a loved one nearby or even perfect stranger? I know I'm guilty of it. But instead, turn to God. Talk it out with Him.

I'll end with her Top 5 reasons to not be cynical:

  1. Jesus is still changing lives. (even when you don't see it or think the person is so ____ fill in the blank)
  2. REAL people are doing the REAL thing all over the REAL world. (there are Christians out there sacrificing their lives to share the love of Jesus)
  3. A passion for God's word is spreading like wildfire.
  4. Some long standing barriers are breaking down. (again, even when you don't think they are, God is working in them.)
  5. God will kick your tail. (AMEN!)

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Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

great pics!! love your top in the second day pictures :)

Tatiana said...

I need to go on one of those conferences with my girls one of those days. I'm glad you had fun :-)

meme-and-he said...

I LOVE me some Beth Moore! She is such a powerful speaker and downright hilarious. Glad you had a blast! (your feet, too!)

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

just stumbled upon your blog, love it! :)

and i love beth moore...it looks like it was an awesome conference & an amazing time!


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