Friday, April 1, 2011

Hallelujah! I've been redeemed!!

You all know the grizzly truth about me from tuesday's post but...Guess what I did guess what I did!!??

I responded! (I choose not to say 'react' sounds so rash)
BUT YES! I did respond to something the other day. Wanna hear? Ok I'll tell ya.

Walking through Target's parking lot when I see a guy sitting on the bench right in front of the store. I was watching him, he looked like one of 'them', ya know??

He pulls out his crack pipe -YES crack pipe, and lights it up. Takes a puff then stops and puts it back in his pocket. I'm about 10 ft. in front now and he smiles at me and says, 'sshhhh' with his finger over his mouth.

I'll tell you, I almost kept walking before he told me not to tell anyone, but I stopped right in front of him and told him, 'come on man, don't do that here. That's not cool.'
(let me stop)
There's a certain kind of 'talk' that these types have and working in a prison, I have picked up on the talk, so I fall right into it with them, so you reading how I talked with him may make you think I'm unedjumicated, but I promise I smart. ;)
So I said it wasn't cool him sitting there and that he needed to take off. He said he was done, but I said he needed to go, there were kids all around and he shouldn't be there. He kept telling me he was done and it was put away.

I walked away and called the cops but he saw me on the phone and took off. At that point I did my shopping and on my way out saw he was sitting there again.

I talked to the Target security who said they were watching him too, so I explained what he had and called the cops again. and sat. and waited. and sat some more. (in my car) Cops didn't come and he walked off. grrrr.

I drove away and what did I see 1 block down? A motorcycle cop sitting on the side of the road hoping to catch a speeder. hhmmm

Oh well, BUT my initial reaction was to let it go and walk away but I prevailed! YAAAY!!

Thank you all for your kind and gentle words and suggestions with my reaction post the other day. Here's to retraining my brain.

Happy Drug Free Friday everyone!! And, April Fools Day. I sure hope you don't get pranked.

*Random Tip: Don't do drugs and if you do them, don't do drugs in plain sight. Not very smart, but you aren't smart if you do drugs so...stop doing drugs. Pin It Now!


Ashley said...

What in the world??? Are you serious?? That is just crazy! People are just crazy! WOW!!!

Tatiana said...

People are such nut cases sometime! And yay for responding!
Oh, and also, I'm liking your "lingo." I use that too sometimes. Plus some ghetto slang (I lived around Detroit for about 6yrs, it was bound to happen), all mixed in with my foreign accent. Yeah, I'm a sight to see. Haha

PS: you asked why I drink decaf. It's 'cause I breastfeed yo. And it's not cool to have a wired baby. [Ok, I'll stop, before you unfriend me]
Have a great weekend :-)

Jennifer said...

This is just nuts. Is it wierd that I heard you say "come on man, don't do that here. That's not cool" in a Stewie voice from Family guy? Maybe we've been watching it too much! Oopps.

I will end with this.

Crack is wack.

The end!

Sam {} said...

oh boy...craaaaazy people! yay for responding :)

meme-and-he said...

wayyy to go!! You have got some guts! You totally did the right thing, even though I am sure it was difficult. Now it will be that much easier to do the same thing again!

brittni said...

Good for you for having the courage to say something to that guy. I laughed when you said unedjumacated (my family says that all the time). That's pretty said that Target security and the cops you called didn't take it more seriously. Especially at a "family" store like Target. BOO!

xx, Brittni
With Love From Michigan

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

This is CRAZY!! I can't believe it! There are some nuts out there, I'm tellin ya! Good for you for confronting him, just be careful!!


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