Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Have you ever...picture style

I thought I'd do a picture edition of Have you ever. It should be fun...for me any way. I don't know how much you'll enjoy it...or if you even enjoy my little Wednesday 'have you evers'.

Do ya'll even like reading my insanely weird and random facts? You can be honest...I'm a big girl...who has a tendency to cry when sad...but don't let that stop you. I'm tough...Ford tough. (Ok, I don't even own a Ford...but G-man does!)

OKAY, with THAT!

Have you ever had the chance to sit in one of these bad boys?!
- Yes

I had bangs once...makes me look like I'm 19 (I was 26)
I love that you can see G-man in my glasses. <hi, honey!>

yes...that's my purse on the wing. That's how I 'fly'

Have you ever gone up in one of these?
- Yes

The sun was rising right in my eyes. Very bright and very early.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe

Have you ever flown like a bird?
- Yes

Please make sure my harness is tight!

This is my, I'm extremely nervous but will pretend I'm not, smile.


And if you aren't incredibly bored yet...let me officially get you there with this video.
The beginning is the fun part of it....after that, even I'm bored. I don't expect you to watch it all...unless you like the song of course.

Have you ever willingly ran off a mountain before?!
- Yes, by the way, all those people in the background pulled over to watch while we were setting up. It just made me more nervous.

Quick history of it all. G-man took me on base to show me around...did I mention he used to fly F-18's?? Oh yeah, I just did a few days ago.

G-man took me away to Lake Tahoe once he found out I'd never been and always wanted to go and surprised me with a hot air balloon ride over the lake because he knew I have always wanted to do it...and then later that day, scheduled me to go hang gliding, because why?....he knew I always wanted to do it....

He's extremely good to me and extremely good at spoiling me.

*Random Tip: Don't step on the seat. There's a bomb under it.
Update before we part ways:
-I seriously need an intervention from my cookies. Someone needs to come in and extract them from my mouth...or better yet, my thighs as they are traveling fast there.
-The spider that played 1/2 dead yesterday and was ultimately set free, I believe was the one that greeted me on my entry wall this morning looking rather spry...well, he be dead now.

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Sam {} said...

crazy!! looks like so much fun. i've never been up in a balloon before.

please send cookies my way...happy to free you from them ;)

Katie said...

SO jealous! Hang gliding and hot air balloning {is that a verb?} look soooo fun! You'v got yourself such a keeper!

Tatiana said...

Oh my goodness! Are you kidding me right now with that gliding and hot air ballon? That looks so freaking amazing! I love it! One of those days, I've got to do that.
By the way, I love your bangs! Looking hot!
PS: I want some cookies. NOW. Thanks

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

oh my are mighty brave! and have no fear of heights i see ;)

awesome pictures!

Anonymous said...

the picture of the balloon and the water is incredible! ^^


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