Sunday, April 24, 2011

My momma’s tostadas

Lately I’ve had zero desire to cook. I say lately, it’s really been ever since I got home from Hawaii which was 40 days exactly. (I know this only because of my beloved pillow post from a few days ago).

But it’s true I haven’t really had but 2 real meals since I’ve been back and 2 only because it was leftovers the next night. So, imagine ramen noodles, steamed veggies, nachos, quesadillas and anything else that required less than 10 minutes to do repeated for 40 days.

It is almost physically painful to get myself in the kitchen to make me dinner. So I forced myself to make tostadas the other night because 1. they are so darn good. 2. they are the poor man’s meal…seriously who doesn’t have everything already!? 3. it is the most quick and simple meal you can make.

I didn’t even gripe about it. and that’s saying something these days.
Here’s what you need.

Because I want less of a clean up, I microwave my refried beans. I popped them in the microwave and had them sitting there ready to heat them up as my tortillas were doing their thang below.

Once the oil is poppin’ hot, place your tortilla in it. (can we please note my very long arm hairs? They’re freakishly long and may, in the future, require a hair net)

Flatten and flip these bad boys until they’re brown and crispy…I like them crispy..easier on the ol’ jaw.

Why did I make 5 you ask when it’s just me? 1. I put way too much oil in the skillet and didn’t want it to go to waste and 2. They’re great the next day with salt. Tortilla chips anyone?

I’m a ketchup person, always have been. As you may have seen on my tacos post. Since I was a wee one I’ve always had to put ketchup in a swirl pattern. It just makes it that much more good, ya know?

Then  my madness continues with my layers. It has to be, cheese, tomatoes, salt, more ketchup…

then lettuce, tapatio, more cheese, more salt, (I treated myself with avocado) and dollops of sour cream. TA-DA!!
I may have had a 3rd….my belly thanked me. My waistline didn’t.

To make these bad boys you’ll need:
Grated Cheese (I always grate way more than I need, wrap remaining in a paper towel, ziploc and store in fridge. Instant grated cheese…and it stays fresh in the towel)
1 can refried beans
Corn tortillas
Vegetable oil
Shredded lettuce
Avocado (if you have and want)
Sour cream
Your desired hot sauce, I prefer Tapatio

Pour a fair amount of oil in your cast iron skillet (or regular) and heat at med-high heat. While the oil is heating, prep all ingredients. Once the oil is popping hot (drop a couple droplets of water in and if it pops it’s ready) place 1 tortilla in. Moving and flipping until desired crispness. Remove and place on a paper toweled plate. Repeat with remaining tortillas. Meanwhile, heat beans in microwave. 1 minute, stir, 1 minute stir, check to see if it’s hot enough.

Prepare your tostada the way you like and gobble it up.

SO tell me…how do YOU eat your tostada?
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GreenGirl said...

Never had tostadas...I know...weird!
I just made Pioneer Woman's Chocolate Sheet Cake...I haven't tasted the cake yet (as it would be obvious if a hunk of cake was missing when I take it to my aunt's house) but the batter makes me want to swim in it!
Sooooo GOOD!
Have you ever made anything of hers?
I implore you to do so immediately if not sooner!

Janine said...

I like mine with just the right amount of Pico Pica sauce, ketchup (you got that from me, I think), lots of lettuce, a smattering of cheese, artfully arranged tomatoes and avacado. Hold the sour cream, it always gets on my nose when I take the first bite!! :/ OH! Don't forget the salt...duh.

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

YUM! Those look fantastic! I just may be putting those on the menu in the near future. Happy Easter, Em! :)

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

oh my those look amazing! i may just have to try cooking something like that here soon! thanks for sharing :)

GreenGirl said...

Sheet Cake-
Nothing more needs to be said.


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