Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Have you ever

Wednesday Wednesday be a good day to me please. Tuesday was, eh at best. Come to think of it the past 2 Tuesdays have been very bad for me but you Wednesday...have treated me well. So, you good with keeping it up for me??

Ok, now that we have that settled...

Have you ever taken a charge so hard in basketball, (because the darn girl ducked her shoulder like a linebacker) slam your head on the ground then afterward not know you're on offense as you stand in the key?
- Yes, after taking the charge, we had the ball and I'm still in defense 'guarding' the key. Everyone on the bench and court was yelling at me that 'we're on offense.' I kept yelling back, 'I KNOW!' but kept playing defense. Coach called a timeout, took me out of the game and made me answer a bunch of questions.

Have you ever been in a head on collision and not worn your seatbelt breaking the windshield with your head in the process?
- Yes, I sustained a concussion, whiplash and bruised shin bones from the dash. I am a heavy heavy advocate for seatbelts now.

Have you ever known someone who as a boy sitting behind the driver seat without his seatbelt, get into a head on, and have his teeth stick into the back of the seat and get ripped out from the impact.
- Yes, poor guy. His jaw was wired shut for the longest time!!

Have you ever been blindsided by an inmate carrying 70 lbs of trays that it sent you soaring 10 ft. through the air, and upon 'landing' slam your head on the concrete floor sustaining a concussion, whiplash and a bruised tail bone...and have it all be an accident?
- Yes, he didn't see me, I didn't see him. He plowed into me so hard. I can still hear all the i/m's screaming out when they saw my head bounce off the concrete. Once I got up, I started to go back to work but was forced to get checked out. Everyone said it looked and sounded horrible. The i/m was so scared but it really was an accident. I'm now officially 7% disabled because of it. The dr. wanted 25%. (I wish now, I had agreed.)
And yes, all these are why I can't look left/right OR up/down for long but mainly this one finished me off.

Have you ever had to wear a 15 lb work belt that sat right on your hip bones and made them swell up real big?
- Yes, (forgive the slight immodesty)

That was 2 weeks into work. I went out, bought a nylon duty belt and slung it like John Wayne or as a Sgt. would call me, Jane Wayne. <this is the only way I could wear it>

Forgive the messy look, deathly white skin and sunken eyes. I had just worked a 16 hour shift and was beat.

*Random Tip: Wear your seatbelt and look left and right when entering a building. It will all save you a heap of pain! Pin It Now!


Ashley said...

Ouch! Sounds and looks painful!

Sam {} said...

your poor little hips!! ouchy.

Tatiana said...

oh my gosh. I was cringing while reading this entire post! How are you still alive?


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