Thursday, April 14, 2011

What 30 minutes will get you

I chose to walk to a friends house to drop something off and said to myself, 'Self, keep going, it's a gorgeous day.'

Self agreed and kept walking.

5 minutes into it my knee was hurting, odd, but I can press.

5 minutes later, my feet started hurting and with that I just sighed. I still kept going but knew I only had a short amount of time left before I couldn't walk anymore, so I went down this street that is the street every girl dreams of living on since seeing Father of the Bride.

I love this street. It is so so beautiful.

I finally hobbled back to my apt. confined myself to my couch with feet propped for a few hours, then hobbled out to my neighbor's patio with the perfect adirondack chairs...and aaaaaaaahh
forgive the finger blocking.  Phone pictures are hard to do blind.

I may or may not have fallen asleep a few times and my mouth may or may not have been wide open the whole's a thing I do, it's not pretty.

You'll like this. On the way back from G-man and my San Francisco know, our 1st official date; we had a 2 hour drive back and I was super tired, and fell asleep in the car, and well...guess my mouth was WIDE open the whole time!!


That's like a 5th date or later thing to do, showing your most embarrassing face.

God love the man, he said I looked cute. <clearly he was too smitten to see the truth>
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Ashley said...

Don't you just love when you're "self" pushes you further! LOL. Beautiful pics and go girl for the first date! :)

Sam {} said...

hahaha! i fell asleep on my first date with bennett, too :)

we were at the movie theater, what was i supposed to do?! oh, he didn't want to spend $13 on my ticket to have me take a nap?? oops!

Cat said..., that scene with the trees making a "tunnel" around the sidewalk is breath-taking for sure!

Katie said...

I feel asleep on my first date with J, too! It must be a sign of true love :)

Tatiana said...

Those picture are gorgeous. I'm jealous that the weather looks so nice over there.
There are worse things than falling asleep with your mouth open. You could have also passed gas

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

love those pictures! and i agree with the girl least you didn't pass gas heheh!

meghan said...

This street is beautiful! I love the huge trees hanging over the sidewalk! Also, that's so funny about going to sleep in the car with your mouth open. You must have felt comfortable. And it's sweet that he said it was cute.


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