Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Have you ever

This has been a crazy good week and I know it’ll keep getting better! Tomorrow I’m going to look at some kitties…big kitties, endangered ones. So excited. You bet I’ll have my camera.


And in case you’re wondering, so far in life I don’t have any have you ever experiences with wild animals…that I can think of. Wait…something’s coming to me. I’ll have to tuck that one away for later.


Have you ever imagined while driving down a highway with a bunch of hills and mountains along side that you could pull over and up to the top?

-Yes, for many many years I had this dream and always thought it would be so cool (and easy…eyes are deceiving) to pull over and run up to the top. Well I finally did it! And by the way, that’s not the top. It’s 1/2 way. Again with the deceiving eyes. It didn’t look that big from the bottom.

A view from the to…middle.em20

I was so proud of this moment. When I say, this was my dream to do…it seriously was my dream to do. As crazy as that sounds.em21

I ran from aaaaall the way down there. That’s the horrible car I drove for 8+ years that I’ve talked about how much I hated.em22


Have you ever had a man tell you in 5 years (from the day of the conversation) you’ll have gained at least 20lbs and by when you reach his age (in 20 years from the day) you’ll be FAT?!

-Yes, gotta love my old co-workers. He was serious too, believing and saying to my face that I’ll be getting fat in 5 and full on fat in 20. I’d like to announce that was 3 1/2 years ago and I’m the exact same weight I was then (as I smugly eat a Butterfinger).


Have you ever been so obsessed with your vacuum lines that you start in the back room and walk out of each room and sling the cord over your left shoulder while flicking it back as you walk, like a PRO?

Yes, so I may have watched a program with a professional housekeeper who said the cord over the shoulder, flicking it back as you walk is the way to do it and I may have been doing it ever since seeing it….7 years ago. And the starting in the back room walking out is totally my mom’s fault. If she hadn’t told me about a neurotic house cleaner she knew who had to have perfect lines so she started back working her way to the front of the house, I never would have thought it a brilliant idea and started doing it myself. Perfect lines, people! Perfect lines!


Have you ever been harassed so bad on the freeway by a guy that you called the cops, drove 15 miles PAST your exit and when the cops caught up to you and the guy, he wouldn’t pull over until the cop turned his sirens on?

-Yes, ok seriously, heart is pounding writing this. It was a crazy night. This guy thought I cut him off but I was never near his car (fact). So he gets so close to my bumper I didn’t even know he was there (it was getting dark). I slow down to 50 in 65 (this was before I knew he was a crazy) then sped up to 95 (again before I knew) and the whole time he was inches away. I waved at him to pass me (I wasn’t having fun anymore) and he came along side me screaming, waving his hand at me and threw his cigarette at my car.


Got in front of me, slammed on him brakes and drove 45. (did I mention this was on a very busy freeway in San Francisco??) At that point I call the cops. Give my info and while on the phone, he slows back down and gets behind me again. 20 minutes and 15 miles past my exit of him harassing me in each lane I go in. I’m told to put my hazards on so CHP can find me and the guy does the same to mock me.  CHP is waiting on the side for us to pass and catches up to us quick. Puts his lights on but the guy won’t pull over. It took the cop to turn on his sirens for him to pull over. (it’s night now).


I wait for a CHP to get to me waiting a mile away and I was freaked! I shook from adrenaline for 3 hours after. Turned out the guy was drunk which thankfully led to his arrest.

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amy b.s. said...

my old boss also told me that by the time i hit 30, because i didn't regularly eat breakfast, i would get fat. the weird part, is she was totally addicted to diet pills and that was the reason she was thin. people are crazy!

Jennifer said...

Hahaha! Yes, I have done some of these things/ had them happen to me.

Em, this really brightened my day and made me laugh!

Sam {} said...

love the one about the vacuum...i love even more that you made a "vacuum" tag :)

Tatiana said...

My mom does that vacuum thing every time. She's a bit obsessed. I don't vacuum. It was in our marriage contract: I cook, he vacuums.
And oh my gosh girl, that is so freaking scary! I would be terrified too. I told myself that even if a cop follows me and tries pulling me over at night, I wouldn't stop unless there were a lot of witnesses around. Yeah, I'm pretty terrified of night drivers. There are so many psychos out there. I'm glad you're alright.

angie on maui said...

Congratulations for crossing something off your To-Do list - what a gratifying view after your run to the top!

And ok, reading about that crazy man on the freeway had MY heart pounding! I am always amazed at how aggressive and careless people can be while driving a huge piece of machinery that can KILL people. :( I'm so glad you're ok and that the CHP was able to nail him (and thank God for cell phones!).

meme-and-he said...

Good for you!! and I HAVE dreamed of doing this...I totally need to just pull over and run up the hills!! you are inspiring :)

Anonymous said...

That hike looks gorgeous! I'll be adding that to my bucket list :)

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Oh my GOSH, Emily, you have THE CRAZIEST stories!! Nothing nearly this interesting ever happens to me. I am soooo glad that crazy dude got arrested!! Justice is served. (thank goodness your car wasn't low on has during all that!)

Those first pics are beatiful, though, and the obsession over vacuum lines? Now THAT is something I can relate to. ;P

arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

haha this is great! i especially love the hill one...i should have my husband hike up one sometime with me ;)

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

Oh my goodness, you have some crazy memories! I'll have to try your vacuum line trick, genius! :)


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