Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Its fad-ulous!!

Among my many weaknesses one of my major ones are getting hooked on the latest fad workouts. I’m drawn like a moth to a flame, I just have to get it, do it and then think about why I stopped doing it until the latest one comes along, and then I get that.

Lets take a walk down my fad path.

Great Body Guaranteed. I had these when they were in video tapes! That’s how long ago it was. Even though I gave them away sold them, I still actually go online and download the legs video to do.

The Bean. I seriously don’t know what I was thinking with this one. It was so huge and obtrusive and was the worst to store. I also “sold this.”

Ab Rocker. I had the hardest time finding a picture, that’s how old it is. But it did the job. The job of marking up the carpet from the black pads on the curved part.

Perfect Pullup. Is it odd I couldn’t find a female doing these?? But alas, I too have this and its currently in my office doorway. I once was able to do 9 in a row and now, as of Monday, I can do 2. But its there and it looks at me each time I walk down the hall.

P90X . I did so well with this for the first 3 weeks and then something happened. Oh yeah, I stopped. The yoga was the most annoying, not to mention I couldn’t jump around due to my feet, at that time. But I still do the Ab Ripper X…though I’ve gotten really bored with that lately.

Kettlebell. My most recent fad. And like all the others, I am currently extremely excited about this one. Even using it the moment it arrived last night. I’m sore and of course love that!
photo (30)

I know there has to be a few more, but those are actually the ones that I remember.

I guess I’ll be honest and say, I’ve been wanting the Zumba dvd’s for a couple months now and even saw an infomercial last night for them but the price (thankfully) has stopped me from getting them.

So I’m a fad-aholic with the new and even better workouts. I took the appropriate “before” pictures last night and can’t wait to see my changes. Maybe I should compare the other 2 sets of “before” pictures I’ve taken over the years and compare. ha!

Do you have this weakness? What are some workouts you can’t help but buy?

all pictures borrowed from pinterest except the kettlebell..that’s mine.

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Rachel said...

Got to love the fads. My husband bought the shake weight before his brothers mercilessly made fun of him. I bought the thigh-master. Which I couldn't live without and even brought it to work. I have probably only used it 3 times in the over-year it has been here.

Oneika said...

I'm terrible with workout fads. I'm just better at running outside or on the treadmill... :-) But my friends rave about the P90x.

Ashley said...

haha, "The Bean" looks like fun!

Girl, the Zumba videos are worth every penny! I have never had a better workout and its soooo much fun! I love to dance, so maybe thats why I love Zumba so much! Get 'em :)

Tatiana said...

You a beast gurl, you a beast for even owning such things. See I have the other weakness: stuffing my face and never working out. It's slowly catching up with me and I no liky, but working out is such a dragggggggggg!!!! However, I am planning on starting the P90X, mostly bc I want Brandon to lose 30lbs, and that's the only way it's going to get done: if I work out with him.

Laura Elizabeth said...

I remember I saw something advertised a while back called The Abtronic or something like that. It was this band that you put around your waist and it vibrated and supposedly would give you abs... I WANTED IT SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Haha, I have no idea how it would work. I just didn't want to do sit-ups, I still don't... so I don't.

Zumba is super fun. You can find some workouts on youtube. I can't believe how expensive the DVDs are! I think you can buy a Zumba workout for the Wii, so that miht be an option for you?

Mrs. Pancakes said...

the one thing i have tried is the kettlebell! i am always skeptical of exercise machines!

Megan said...

Nope, don't have this problem at all. I'm actually quite the opposite. I am strong and can resist ALL workout equipment. : )

GreenGirl said...

What about Tae-Bo??
That was HUGE here and I also have the videos!

Christina said...

Do you remember the AB Slide?! Yeah, had that one for a while...

I also have a hula hoop (one meant for exercise) that I ought to dust off again.

While I am not a fad sucker...yes, fad sucker, I have been sucked in at least once. ;)

Tabitha Lynn said...

That weird chair looks ridiculous did it work? haha

I think I've wanted to try every fad out there, what I'd really like it just to wake up with the most amazing body ever. Sigh


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