Thursday, October 13, 2011

I shot her. I shot her many times.

226 to be exact.

That’s how many pictures I took of my friend last week on our photo shoot. No, I will not bless you with all 226, probably 10ish or so…

It was pretty darn fun, I have to say. Going out into what I thought was an abandoned orchard, standing next to the coolest ivy filled wall and using the rundown train station. So, blogging friends, I’d like you to meet my friend, Michelle.




…and her shoes. She loves her shoes. She’d like you to meet them.




I have a pretty good story about this orchard, but will leave it for another day. Having Michelle as my model really helped me gain the confidence I needed to direct and be creative as well as being confident in my abilities to be a photographer.

Tomorrow will be all about, I probably shouldn’t, but you’ve been warned.

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Jennifer said...

These are really pretty!

Jennifer Rod said...

these are great. i love the shoe one.
i don't know you well, but some thing tells me you are the type that can do anything :)

The Blogivers said...

They look great - good job!

Sam {} said...

you tricky little blogger.

i thought this was going to be some juicy prison story.

alas, these pics are pretty awesome :)

Ashley said...

the title of the post seriously threw my off...hahaha. you got some skills girlie! love the pics! your friend is gorg :)

Natalie said...

These are so good Emily! Love 'em! =D

Laura Elizabeth said...

226 pictures!! Wow!! I bet you got some great practice. These are beautiful shots. Your friend looks great.


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