Monday, October 10, 2011

I’m thankful 34

I am beat beyond beat. It was all I could do to stay awake driving home after dropping G-man off at the airport yesterday. He was saying how sleepy he was on our way there and the moment I dropped him off and started my way home I was doing the, finger tapping on the leg, wide eyed, forcing myself to whip my head around looking at the lanes to make sure that I was keeping awake. I hit my wall hard!

So with that said, let’s just keep this short and sweet.

I’m thankful for:

- only having the airport be 25 minutes away yesterday. Don’t want to think what it would have been like if it were 3 1/2 hours away like it was with me picking him up.

- the whole time I had with my love.
I greeted him at the airport with this rose.
photo (28)

- his generosity. Remember when I confessed about his generosity? Yeah well, when I joked that he could drop me off at the mall with his credit card while he visited a friend, he said ok. Good-ness! I did not follow through with this.

- God’s grace, love, mercy and provisions for me.

- all my friends. In real life and blogging.

- my parents celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary this past week. I love them both dearly!

Do you buy your man flowers?
Have a few things you’re thankful for? Let me here them, I want to be filled with gratitude today.

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Natalie said...

hmm... I've never considered getting a guy flowers. I always just bake them cookies or somthin' =D

Sam {} said...

sounds like a great weekend and congrats to your parents!! i've never bought a guy flowers, but i think it's a sweet gesture :)

Laura Elizabeth said...

I'm thankful for my parents too. I'm also thankful that my vet nurse course is nearly finished. Even though I still have a million and one assignments to do, I can see the end in sight- and for that I am very grateful!!

Hope you aren't feeling too bummed now that you're back on your own for a while. I'm grateful for you too and getting to read your blog, definitely one of my faves!!

carissa said...

how sweet of you to greet with a rose.

i can't say that i've ever brought my hubby flowers. i always told him to not waste money on them for me. but recently, after seven plus years, he bought me some for my birthday. and then i decided i like getting flowers. : )

meghan said...

Sounds like you have a lot to be thankful for! I'm thankful that I had the day off today. I'm thankful that I accomplished a lot of my to do list. I'm thankful for Tim and the kind way that he treats me as well. :)

Megan said...

I hate when I am sleepy like that driving. Worst feeling ever!! Glad y'all had a great time!!

Tabitha Lynn said...

I bought my ex flowers once after a really nasty fight, and he laughed. But his laughter meant we were okay so I was happy ha.


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