Wednesday, October 5, 2011

You’re good at guessing

Guess what I’m doing later today.

I’ll give you a hint… It involves a man, a plane, a woman, and a car.

Can you guess it? Will you get it right….
ooohh, can’t wait to see your answers.

So after you leave your awesome guess, go over and give me some love on my very first ever in history, probably the last time so make sure you give me some sweet words, guest post on Becky’s blog. thanks to those who already have, you’re the best. :)

It was posted last week, but I was caught up in my story to direct you all to it. Becky’s the cutest, if you haven’t met her yet. She just had a baby, which is why she asked me to guest post. So head on over there…did I mention its my first guest post, ever? Ok, just making sure you knew that this is a fragile time for me, it being my first time and all, and nervous with the reception of it. So feel like going over there on your own volition.

But make sure you guess before you do.

gosh, I’m feeling a little needy today. Won’t you fulfill this need for me??

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meme-and-he said...

ooh I love her cute blog...and GREAT guest post! I, too, have been so caught up in your love story :) you are driving to see your man and he is flying to meet you? yes?!

Jennifer said...

What!!!! I can guess. I think you're going to take pictures for her. :)

Sam {} said...

i really hope you're getting to see the G!! my car...or plane...

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i am heading over right now!

Jennifer Rod said...

i really liked your post on your story. very nicely done, really enjoyed it and im thanking god for how he has blessed you and given you this time in your life.


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