Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The itsy bitsy spider

As I mentioned last week, the orchard we went to do our little photo shoot in, was abandoned. Or so I thought. It had weeds at least 3 1/2 feet high with fruit rotting and grass brown and overgrown.

Why wouldn’t I think it was abandoned, right? So when Michelle and I returned a week later, I noticed the rows in between the trees looked a little flatter. Then I thought I smelled fresh cut grass (which I hate the smell of) and before I knew it, far down the orchard, I saw the guy mowing on his tractor. Whoops!

We stayed on the edge within the first couple rows so as not to disturb anything and went to work. I wanted a shot of me through the tall grass so I needed to cross over into the next row and felt since I was wearing my winter boots, I could just cross straight through the trees as apposed to walking all the way around. (I’m lazy)

Charging through unscathed, we begin shooting again when Michelle lets out this gasp and points to this massively large spider in his equally massively large web.

Not 5 inches from where I had just walked.


Needless to say, I said “thank you Jesus” more than once.

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Natalie said...

haha! That's actually pretty cool, but I would so be hightailing myself outta there. =)

Sam {} said...

eeek!! i HATE spiders.

Tabitha Lynn said...

Omg I hate them too! Glad you're alive :)

carissa said...

phew! you survived! maybe it's time to find a new orchard? : ) your tall grass picture is pretty nonetheless!

Daniela said...

:/ hate spiders. that's a great picture though!

Laura Elizabeth said...

I would have died!!!!! But you were wearing your elvish warrior princess outfit so I'm pretty sure you would have been ok :)

Megan said...

Ewwww. I just puked in my mouth. I do poop. I do vomit. I do blood. I do anything, but not spiders.


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