Monday, October 17, 2011

I’m thankful 35

What did we all do over the weekend? Saturday I spent over 8 hours editing 80 images to upload online to put in a digital scrapbook I’m making of our trip to Europe we took last year. I was on a roll and I can’t wait for it to be finished. Its driving me crazy. I am not a crafty scrapbooky person.

Sunday, I spent over 4 hours updating the software for my iPhone and iPod while cleaning my apartment and skyping with LeAnna. Very very time consuming.

I’m thankful for:

- getting my fall decorations out of the garage. I think next time, I’ll be sure not to put it at the bottom of all the big heavy storage bins.
a little sneak peak of it.

- having to move my car to get to the decorations which let me see I’m leaking oil. Since I stepped in the oil patch. I’m definitely unhappy about this but glad I caught it within a day of it happening. Tuesday I get to take it to the dealership. I pray whatever is wrong falls under my warranty.

- a 2 1/2 hour impromptu conversation in the Target parking lot with someone I didn’t really know, until that day.

- a girls night in with my neighbor friend. She made the short ribs, I roasted the potatoes and onions and had a great evening chatting and movie watching.

- the beautiful weather we still have. Even though it’s not very autumn like, its weather that I’m relishing as I’m pretty sure its warmth won’t last much longer.

I have physical therapy today, and I’m starting to get both frustrated and bored with the progress. This is typical though. Things aren’t happening as quickly as well as the same exercises and treatment bore me. Its fun when the Dr. says I’ll be running 3 weeks after therapy and the therapist saying, no way, don’t run. Then telling my Dr. they don’t want me running yet and him saying I should be real soon. I love when they all disagree with each other.

Hit me with your day, good and bad. Nitty gritty and the pretty, I want to know.

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Alisha said...

You fall decor looks great!!! Gorgeous. Girls nights are always needed. :)

This weekend Brandon and I went to a wedding on Saturday night and on Sunday we drove into Houston and spent the entire day just the two of us! Definitely a great weekend.


Oneika said...

So nice to hang out with a girl friend! Very low key and fun. I'm thankful for my health and my loving boyfriend at the moment, as well as the chance to have made it to London in one piece!

Sam {} said...

loving the decor!! i have totally dropped the ball on decorating for seasons...i'd hate to admit how long my easter decorations stayed out!

i'm hoping this day is a good one! i'm already starving for lunch...hate that i stretch out my stomach so much from the weekend indulgences :)

Natalie said...

Lovin' the fall decor Emily! I just mailed your package this morning. Sorry it took me a week to actually get it to the post office, but it's on it's way now! Let me know when ya get it =)

Christina said...

I am filing and trying to get caught up on allllllll the crap I need to get done for a huge visit I have next week for work. On the good side, I am eating a healthy but yummy salad and jamming out to 80s music, often crooning along with it with my co-worker. And last night I got to hang out with a guy I have a growing crush on. So although it's Monday, I am in a pretty good mood. :)

Laura Elizabeth said...

I wanna hear about the impromptu conversation in a Target parking lot. That sounds like a blog post waiting to happen!

My day is a ball of stress, I have a huge assignment that I've probably only done 2/3 of and it's due in tomorrow. And the remaining third is the tough stuff. BUT I'm going over to my friend's house to pool our resources together so hopefully I will get it done. And then that will be 99% of my stress OVER!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Mhm what an eventful week! we celebrated my father in-laws bday with a dinner! And spent time with the godson which is always a hoot!

carissa said...

oh, that dr/therapist thing is annoying. i'm sorry. i hope you'll be running soon, no matter what they say.

skyping with leanna?! that sounds fun.

i love your fall decor. so pretty and festive.

wow that is an impressive stranger conversation. 2.5 hours?! i can't even think of something to say to people i'm friends with for that long. lol. it's because i'm used to talking to a 2 year old all day long.

Megan said...

I'm so sad to say that I haven't even gotten out our decorations yet. Isn't that terrible?! Haha.

Fashion Meets Food said...

I am just loving your fall decor! I barely have taken any out yet.



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