Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pomegranates, check!

I think we’re all familiar with the fact that I like to take pictures of fruit orchards and true to my blog name, vineyards as well. I’m blessed to be surrounded with so many orchards that I have an abundance to choose from.

Right now its pomegranates. In just a month or more, it’ll be oranges. I know you’re eager for those, too. I can feel your eagerness for that season. So I’m thrilled that I can bring you pomegranates in the meantime. To appease you, perhaps…

Is there anyone who’s never had a pomegranate and not know how they look inside?


I think its pretty safe to say I’m a bit weird. I don’t like being seen while doing things and I put off taking pictures of pomegranates for the longest time because the only ones I could find were on a very busy road. After asking around for a few weeks, my friend let me know about her Dad’s orchard and I jumped at the idea of having it all to myself, without anyone seeing me.

He generously let me ride into it to take all the pictures I needed.em18




I’m thankful to her for letting me know and him for allowing me onto his property to have a little fun with this vibrant fruit.

What’s your favorite thing to do with pomegranate seeds?

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Sam {} said...

love these pictures and the colors in them! gorgeous.

i like the seeds in some yogurt :)

Katie said...

ohemgeee! I'm so jealous of you...I would have been in literal HEAVEN! Poms are my favorite favorite fruit and I die waiting for them to hit stores in September and again around late Oct when they stop selling fresh ones because no one but me buys them...

mmmm I eat them plain!

Tatiana said...

I LOVE POMEGRANATES! Like love love love them! Could eat them all day long. Too bad they're so stinkin expensive around here. I'm way jealous of you right now. And those pics are gorgeous :-) You're really getting good at this :-)

Laura Elizabeth said...

I hate people seeing me take pictures too! I'm glad you got the opportunity to take pictures of your chosen fruit in private! It was a gorgeous location :)

Suzzie V said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! Please keep sharing them!!


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