Monday, October 3, 2011

I’m thankful for 33

Happy Monday to all AND Happy October! Even though September went by blazing fast, by the end I just wanted to kick it out of my way for October to arrive. For no other reason than I was tired of it. Were you getting the same way?

I’m thankful for:
- your sweet and wonderful response to my stories last week. You all were warming my heart with each and every comment that was left, so, thank you so very very much.

- (who are the best) for upgrading my kindle cover since they thought my regular cover was making my kindle act up. Love the upgraded cover! even though my kindle is still having problems. Maybe the next step is…upgraded kindle?! I will keep you abreast of the situation.

- finally beating G-man in words with friends. It only took 16 games to finally be the victor. To say I rubbed it in, is an understatement. {I do realize I lost 15 in a row, prior}

- getting a 50mm lens. I couldn’t take not having one anymore and I cannot wait to officially use it tomorrow on my mock photo shoot with my friend. {we’re going to practice shooting each other…in the non hostile kind of way}

- the progression of my physical therapy. Today starts my 3rd week and each visit brings more and more activity. Today she wants me to start jumping. This terrifies me.

- a great Sunday with friends. Including the ones who think I’m losing my mind and fast becoming the crazy cat lady {minus the cats} who believe I probably should etch these verses on my heart and learn to bite the ol’ tongue of mine.

Now friends, if you walked into my home and saw this on my fridge…would you think I’m going crazy? You can be honest.

What crazy happenings went on in your neck of the woods over the weekend?

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Sam {} said...

"we’re going to practice shooting each other…in the non hostile kind of way" - this is why i love your blog!! hahahahaha. you crack me up :)

Tatiana said...

Yay for PT working it's magic!
I'm so excited you get to see your man this week, too by the way :-) You lucky lucky duck!
And yes, that thing on your fridge is a wee bit strange. Are you Adam? Have you grown 'parts' more recently? Do you live with a man? Do I need to tell G man about it? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Laura Elizabeth said...

Oh, I'm crazy cat lady too, minus the cats! We had some friends come and visit us for dinner and drinks on Sat night but I wasn't a very gracious co-host. I was stressed out about my assignments and just wanted to hide out in my room and do them all, I didn't want to be making chit chat with my friends. I wish I could re-do the weekend and be happier because, as usual, all the work got done, I shouldn't have stressed!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

sounds like a great weekend..i am loving your looks like you post some awesome inspiring messages!


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