Thursday, May 19, 2011

College girls are mean

Ok, so maybe not really mean, but when they think of ways to ‘initiate new freshman’ (I guess all freshman are new…any way) into the dorm hall they really think of some crazy stuff.
the computers that managed to erase 7 of my 12 pages final paper for Psychology

Take my hall for instance. It was appropriately named, “Circus Hall”. I didn’t ask to go in this hall, didn’t even know it existed, but in I went. First door on the left in fact.
(ok, so apparently it was the 2nd door. 1st is a closet. Please let’s not comment on what appears to be big hair, it’s a shadow, uh..promise.)

Circus Hall had a reputation for being…can you guess? Crazy. Good guess! However, as it always seems to be with me, the year I move in, everything goes blah, and the hall is not what it once was. I think it’s me…seriously.

Anyhoo, after a month or so goes by the RA gets the idea, unbeknownst to me and the other freshman, that they want to ‘welcome’ us into the hall.

Fast forward to a night like any other.

As I’m lying in bed my roommate gets up and says she has to use the bathroom and goes down the hall. (the whole hall shared the bathrooms. awesome). A few minutes goes by when there’s a knock at the door. I jump down from the bunk and swing open the door. The hall is pitch black and all of a sudden, out of the darkness, someone grabs my arm and yanks me out into the hall.

The next thing I know, I’m struggling with at least 6 girls as they’re grabbing my arms and legs, pinning me as best they can. I hear the sound of giggles and duct tape as one grabs my arm in an attempt to join it with the other. I fight with all I have, but by the end, they succeeded in taping my wrists and ankles together. They hoist me up and begin carrying me down the stairs out into the night.

As we round the corner of the building, I see a large group of students anxiously waiting for the “main event.” I get plopped onto a bench and securely duct taped down as I see another fellow freshman, with her fate already sealed like mine.

They make a little speech and begin to rain down every condiment known to man over my head and body along with flour and eventually eggs. Throwing, cracking, smashing them as if I were the frying pan.



Half way through the eggs, I manage to pry my hand out of the tape and begin throwing them back at the girls, creating a miniature food fight, much to the delight of the crowd.

Once they completely depleted their supply, they set me free. Walking me slowly into the night to the gym locker room so I could wash off.
The next morning I was presented with the ugliest mustard yellow shirt that said, ‘I survived Circus Hall Initiation’, and I wore it with pride that day.

It happened that we were the only 2 to get initiated. What planned to be 6 more, never came about, yet all the other freshman walked the halls afraid of when their time might come.

Circus Hall
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The Blogivers said...

Ha! The smile on your face shows you took that much better than I would have...

Ashley said...

WOW! Thats bananas! I probably would have freaked the heck out! lol

Sam {} said...

oh my gosh. i've been waiting for this story!

i would have 1) cried, and 2) peed my pants.

GreenGirl said...

I've got nothing! That's terrible!!

Tatiana said...

I think I would have peed my pants if a were to open the door and a hand would have grabbed me in the darkness.
I was one of the "lucky" ones to get the freshman initiation, too. By the boys! A few of them held me down and threw me in a mud tub. I found mud in my ears even a week later.

Katie said...

That has to be one of the best initiations ever! And you have some SAAAWEET pictures! Lovin the hair :)

denise* paper angels said...

That's awful!! I would've hated that!! i can't believe they did that to you, though it looks like you had fun :)

Mamarazzi said...

i am pretty sure i would never survive that.

so. gross.


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