Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary…feet!

OK, I’m a few feet …ha (I wrote feet…I meant days. Completely on accident).

Friday, April 29th marked my 1 year anniversary from my surgery. I had every intention of celebrating on the actual day, but we all know I had other things that kept me from it.

And seriously?! How cool is it that I can now celebrate my anniversaries to come with Will and Kate?? It was meant to be, no?

My gruesome little feet story…hope you aren’t squeamish:

My sister took time out of her crazy schedule w/husband and 2 kids and stayed with me for a few days to care for me after the surgery. She was a trooper having to help me bathe since both feet couldn’t get wet. It was a fun time for both of us. ha. ha. A bonding experience, if you will. Ok…not really.

Once she left, the wonderful ladies from my bible study stepped up and provided me with meals for 2 weeks after. Which I’m eternally grateful for.

Though my Dr. claimed I would have no problem walking that afternoon but only from bathroom to couch for 3 days after, and then normal after that, I had to heavily rely on crutches for up to 4 weeks. (which by the way, he said I wouldn’t need and never issued me a set. I had to borrow them from a friend)

I think that should have been my first clue that something was wrong. Not to mention I wasn’t allowed to drive for 6 weeks after.

Let me rewind real quick. Did you know I had 2 prior surgeries? First time I ever felt pain I was on vacation with my good friend in San Diego, running down the hotel hallway to our room in flip flops and had the worst pain ever shoot in my foot…9 years ago.

Fast forward 3 years, I get my 1st surgery.
Pretty right??

Recovery was slow and within months my Dr.s confirmed I had a stump neuroma (which by the way, some research says 2% of patients get them and others say 20%. Either way…I’m in the ridiculously low percentile and surgery was once again the only option.

All their injections proved futile and #2 came about just 4 months after the 1st one.
5 inch scar.

Fast forward through the next 6 painful years. Double surgery is necessary, both feet, same time, knocking out 3 neuromas…or so we hoped.
I made sure to get my pedi done before. I like pretty, what can I say.

I haven’t working in 370 days. Can we say, crazy? This past surgery has rendered me useless in my field. I still can’t do much with them and I wonder if I’ll ever be able to do the things I love and miss. I have to justify driving .3 miles (I clocked it) to the high school track because walking there is too painful. (the track is made out of recycled old tires so I can walk/run almost pain free)

One day when I walked to the track, I made it around twice before being in so much pain I had to sit down right where I was. A sweet old man asked if I was ok, but I had to sit there w/my shoe off for over 10 minutes before the pain subsided enough to even begin walking again.

My appt. to see the Dr. in L.A. is in 3 weeks, we’ll see if he has something new to offer.

So, Happy 1 year Anniversary feet. Here’s to many more years together, in good times and in bad.

….do you mind if there’s more good though, please??

Proverbs 4:26
Watch the path of your feet And all your ways will be established.

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Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary to your feet!!! haha. Sounds kinda funny saying that, but wow lady...you're a trooper for reals! :)

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

those scars...crazy!! you really are a trooper, i'd be such a baby :)

Jennifer said...

Wow. That is quite a story. I'd been wondering exactly what happened to them. I hope they continue to get better this next year and that your feet problems go away!!!

Anonymous said...

amazing!! hang in there! :)

Amy @ dwell in the season said...

I'm sure William and Kate will be honored to know that you share the same anniversary - maybe next year you guys can all hang out together and celebrate? ;) Wow, those are sure some awesome pictures, crazy! SO glad you are doing better now! :)

Janine said...

When Chuck & Diana were married the day before you were born and THEN before your 1st birthday, William was born, I knew you would be connected in some way. This isn't quite was I was thinking though.... ;)

carissa said...

Girl, this is so tough. I'm so sorry. I hope and pray that the new doc will have some ideas.


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