Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Have you ever

Happy hump day my friends!

Have you ever toured the Dallas Cowboy Stadium?
- Yes, while G-man and I were driving across country, (is it cross or across?? Someone fill me in here) we stopped in Dallas and decided to walk on in. Not sure if they still are, but the tickets were extremely cheap and the tour was great. They took us on the turf too.

My attempt at self portrait w/the stadium. fail

Thanks to my love for helping me out.

Darn slouching. I need someone to smack me every time my shoulders roll forward.

Have you ever been asked by a teenager selling newspapers at your front door, if ‘your parents were home’, and you were 25?
- Yes, I thank the creams I was using, keeping my skin so youthful! I held back a laugh and said, “no, they aren’t.” She left.

Have you ever worn a mini skirt to a job interview?
- Yes, can I say I was 18 and didn’t have anything ‘professional’ to wear!? But can I also say, I got the job?! Yes, a man interviewed me. Yes, I got hired because my interview skills were that awesome. (I’m shaking my head no)

Have you ever had a bacon grease burn like this before?
- Yes, never think you can make bacon, coffee and a full breakfast at your first ever yard sale where the crazies show up at 6:45am to shop, thus leaving you frantic, confused and now burned to the 2nd degree.
I never felt any pain at all. I’m thinking the adrenaline had something to do with that.

See you tomorrow. =)

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Sam {} said...

omg...that burn?!?! ouch!

i'd like to volunteer to be your posture slapper.

denise* paper angels said...

Haha, good entry. I agree with Sam: that burn looks awful!! and that is one massive stadium!! looks pretty cool though :)


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