Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Have you ever

Today is going to be the start of a very very crazy has a little something to do with these little guys
which I promise I will tell you all about in the next few days. Pinky promise.

But for this very moment…

Have you ever driven down the road, spotted a dollar bill on the side, flipped a U to go back to get it, and as you picked it up see it’s actually a hundred dollar bill?
Yes, I was so excited. And yes, I went back thinking it was a dollar. Wouldn’t you?!

Have you ever been walking down the street and looked over in the grass and spotted 2 20 dollar bills just lying there, crumpled up?
- Yes, Promise it wasn’t someone’s yard. I was in Honolulu, walking past a high rise condo at a busy intersection. I split them with G-man.

Have you ever been in the middle of playing baseball with your family and see something green against the fence, walk over and see it’s a ten dollar bill?
- Yes, I was 8…it was the start of my findings. My Dad didn’t believe me until he came over to see for himself. My brothers and sister were upset they didn’t see it first. little sis one upping the siblings…Score!

Have you ever been lounging out at the pool and as you get up to leave, see a grown man completely naked jumping into the pool, then getting out and sitting naked on the edge?
- Yes, Horrified much? As G-man walked over to tell him to get dressed, he jumped back in and put his shorts on. Not exactly what I expected to see that day.

Have you ever seen this giraffe?
- Yes, At the Santa Barbara Zoo. Don’t know her story, but clearly broke her neck at some point. Ick!

Also, I wanted to welcome my new followers! HI, thank you, welcome. Ya’ll are awesome, just sayin’.

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Ashley said...

haha, love these types of posts! that puppy is soooo cute, oh and you look cute too! :)

Sam {} said...

that giraffe is freaky!! poor thing!

Tatiana said...

can we hand out so you could split your cash finds with me? Please? Thanks!
That giraffe looks like it needs some help.

Warren Baldwin said...

Neat photos, esp the giraffe!

meme-and-he said...

shut the front door! Did you get a puppy? can't wait to hear about! and also...please find me some money?! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

I need to know about the puppy!!!!!!!!!!! Also, the poor giraffe. :( Those made my sad.

Katie said...

That giraffe is strangely cute! And seriously, lets go on a walk could make me some moolah! :)

Taylor said...

that poor, poor giraffe :(

Anonymous said...

Aww that puppy is soooo cute!!


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