Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The day the music died

No music died in the making of this post. I like the Beatles. That is all.

My Dr.’s appointment is today and unfortunately my OTHER Dr.’s appointment with Dr. P (my original Dr.) is hopefully some time later in the week, although it’s scheduled for June. Why am I seeing him you may ask?

My retirement company called Thursday to inform me they need a more current evaluation from my Dr. in order for them to continue the reviewing process. Apparently September is old for them to make their determination. (I stopped going after September when I realized Dr. P. had no where to go with my treatments but was determined to ruin my feet more by even more invasive injections. Read: sedating me in order to inject me because they were that painful and invasive.)

They won’t accept the Dr. I’m seeing's evaluation and said it has to be by my treating physician. SO with that being said I have to go back to the guy. I’m not sure if it’ll be awkward or not. Our very last conversation was a 25 minute long phone call where we disagreed and he was thinking I wanted him to ‘alter the medical records.’

For the record (ha. ha. no pun intended) I DID NOT want him to alter anything, just wanted him to give me an actual answer where he was too scared to do.

So this should be fun. By fun I mean, making me walk barefoot on a slanted cobblestoned street with little pebbles sprinkled all over it.

Yeah, real fun.
I need some of these…

But I do what I’m told to do…I want this reviewing process to be done so I can actually resume my life. Though adjusting to a ‘normal’ work schedule, I think, will be tough when I do…and weird. I haven’t done ‘normal’ in 6+ years.

I was told they are ‘sort of’ at the mid way point in the reviewing process. Sort of.

Can we all acknowledge it’s May!? That means 4 months have gone by. 4 months on what should be a 6-9 month process and they’re “sort of half way through.” hhmmmm my optimism with this being done quicker is wavering.

Oh well, I’ll just keep trekking along. I’ll give you an update on what this Dr. says today. It’s at 9am. Praying it’s something different. Anything different.


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Ashley said...

Keeping you in my prayers lady! 2011 is flying by...geezzz!!

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

praying for you! let us know what you hear :)

denise* paper angels said...

yes do keep us updated!! praying for good news!! this process is going on tooo lonnggg x

Katie said...

still praying for you lady!
At my old job, I was constantly working with {read: against} disability. They make it SO freaking difficult to get approved!


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