Monday, March 7, 2011

Answers to questions

In response to me saying I'll answer any question asked in Random Focus about work, Annie stepped up to the plate with a couple!!

Annie M Culley said...

Yeah I've got questions...he he. My husband and I love all the cop shows and the behind the bars shows. So I am fascinated with the fact that you made it to Sargent! (Love it!) I'm sure you saw some stuff that was horrendous and I thank you for maintaining the yuckiest people around and risking your life to keep the public safe. Which prisons did you work at? How were the men's attitude that you worked with? That's a start in questions....start you off easy

First, thanks Annie for loving me being a Sergeant. I think it's pretty cool too. Officer is neat to say, but saying I'm a even neater!! haha It's the little things with me...

And you are more than welcome. I'm happy obliged to keep the creeps behind the walls to keep everyone far away from them and vice versa.

I have worked at 3 prisons:
Salinas Valley State Prison
California Men's Colony
California State Prison-Corcoran

I'm not sure which men you're referring to. The inmates? Or the coworkers? I've only worked at men's prisons. But I'll guess you mean the coworkers for right now and if you meant the inmates, let me know and I'll answer that one. =)

The other c/o's (correctional officers) all liked me. I was fresh meat to them. They put all new females into 3 categories..but I can only remember 2, haha:
1. Sluts
2. Lesbians
3. I really can't remember the 3rd. Something like a combo of 1 and 2
(remember, these are guys making these categories, not me)

They would make bets with each other on who could get who and how quickly it would take. I had a lot flirt with me and ask me out. They are worse than women when it comes to gossip and rumors. They were/are so quick to spread anything around like wildfire. They would ask 100 of the same questions about me, wanting to really know if I was seeing anyone and know every detail to pass around to the other guys.

At SVSP there were (at my time) 816 c/o's and about, 150-200 maybe, were females; so the guys had few to choose from. It was nice having them be nice (not gonna lie). It helped me a lot having them be quick to help when I needed it. They were very protective of me when the i/m's would do things they weren't supposed to. And truly that was how everyone was. We all looked out for each other. We all had each other's backs in everything. It was a brotherhood. After the 1st year of being there they all got used to me and left me alone.

At CMC it was a little different. I still had the guys hit on me and ask me a million questions. It was SVSP all over again, but I had the SVSP mentality and CMC peeps didn't care for it. So, it was a little more difficult to fit in with the guys. Some were snakes, others warmed up to me quick and I got to be good friends with some  of the decent ones.

CSP-Cor was different from them all. No one liked me. I came in with 3 strikes already against me. I came in as a Sgt. I was a 'young looking' female and I came from CMC. Only a few of the male supervisors talked with me and a handful of c/o's. But it was the most unpleasant of them all. I never fit in there.

And there you have it. I hope I answered your questions.

If anyone has questions for me about prison, fire away. Like I said before, I'm an open book now...which some close to me are finding very hard to comprehend; this new openness. I used to not tell friends what I do. I would be so vague it would drive people crazy and now I'm telling just about everything about me. Weird how this is. I have a hard time understanding this new openness myself.

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