Friday, March 4, 2011

Absolutely positively AWESOME!

I did it! I did it! I did it! (I feel like a little kid saying that...)

But I really did it! After getting the bike out of the bike room in the parking garage I go to pop a cough drop in my mouth...still have lingering affects from being sick; and what does the wrapper say!?
I LOVED IT!  I started laughing and knew it was a sign. haha So perfectly appropriate for what I have been fearing.

So I told myself I would walk the bike out of the garage because there are 2 very steep...ok, maybe just steep declines and I didn't want to lose control going down into the rows of traffic, but I stoically rode it down  both of them and zoooom I was on my way!

Once I made it across the street to the park I went around it 4 times. That's about 4 miles of riding and I was loving every minute of it! I had this perma-grin on my face and was sad to see other fellow bike riders (because I'm now a part of the "group") so serious and with these sullen expressions. I wanted to stop them and say, 'Why so sad?! You're riding a bicycle right now! Be happy!!"

Even though my 'eh em' was really hurting me from all the riding, I didn't want to stop at the park. I wanted to go beyond! Especially since the park was a 'safe' zone for me. No actual traffic to contend I made the executive decision to ride along the traffic into Waikiki.

((Which I later was told was the 1 place I was informed NOT to go into until I got my license to ride the bike. The coppers like to commandeer bikes if they stop a rider without a license...crazy isn't it!?))

But I was a risk taker and went into Waikiki any way...((sorry honey)) It was awesome by the way. I rode on the side of the street with ALL THE CARS! They went right past me without incident. I stopped at the beach and rested on a wall...I was sweating! Holy cow, it was such a great workout. And I love to take a moment to people watch all the crazies.

Like how the girls will wear 3-4 inch high heels in the sand to look cute for the guys. -Crazy!

Or the tiny 70+ year old Asian man dressed in hip hop clothing with his hat turned sideways. -Crazy!

Or the Grandparents that were with their grandkids on the beach having a great time. -Cr...okay that was adorable! I want to be those Grandparents who take their Grandkids on vacation like that.

Any way, I finally made the long trek back. Apparently being alone separates me from the tourists because I had one stop me for directions. Thankfully I knew where she wanted to go and helped her.

I felt invigorated though. It was lovely! I can't wait to do it again...though first thing I'll do is go get my license. I can't risk getting his bike taken away. But today might not be the day since we're having crazy storms today.

Last night I woke up at 3:30 to the wind screaming through the cracks of the windows and the rain hammering down. It was like a mini hurricane...or I guess tropical storm. And looking at the water right now at the poor dinner cruise boat going by. I would HATE to be on it right now, they are literally crashing into the waves, rocking violently. I would certainly lose my lunch if I were on it. Poor people.

*Random Tip: Out of deodorant? For a quick fix, use Baking Soda, Lemon juice OR White Vinegar on a cotton round or toilet paper instead. They kill bacteria and are a great way to stay fresh. Pin It Now!


Sam {} said...

sounds like so much fun! i love riding my bike :)

Christina said...

I love the Halls wrappers these days...! Our Pastor's wife was reading off of them the other day and I think they are great words of encouragement. You go girl!

debjones:) said...

Guess I need to retype my question for some reason... Wondering, why do you need a license? You're just riding a regular bicycle, right? Or are you talking about a motorcycle? Laws different in Hawaii?


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