Sunday, March 13, 2011

Excuse me...that's ok

When we were in the check out at the grocery store the other day a little girl in front of us needed to scoot by us to grab something. She was squeezing by and her mother says; 'say excuse me.' So the little girl does and the G-man says; 'that's okay' and let's her by.

That got me remembering a female comedian that joked about women in public restrooms. When one woman is in her stall and all of a sudden another woman opens the stall door. Immediately the woman opening the door says, 'Excuse Me! I'm sorry!' and the fast response back from the woman sitting on the toilet is, 'That's ok.'

IT'S NOT OK! Ever think about that? Someone just walked into your stall while you're using it and we say it's ok. It's such an automatic response yet we just had a very embarrassing thing happen to us.

Why did I think about this with the kid at the store? Because this parent is actually instilling manners into this kid and we are so quick to dismiss it.

G-man and I started talking about this and how quickly adults don't acknowledge a child with manners or learning manners. I've done the same thing. A friend and her kid visits, the kid does something they shouldn't, the mom says, 'I'm sorry' and I'll say the famous, 'that's okay' when really I'm going crazy inside.

Why do we do this?! It basically is telling the kid that it doesn't matter how well behaved they're being since they get lumped in with all the other kids good and bad.

We determined when a child says excuse me or pardon me or whatever it may be to acknowledge them. Say,  'thanks kiddo' or something to show that we are grateful for their manners.

I encourage everyone to do the same! Show those kids that their manners mean something to us adults. Show that they are set apart from the others to encourage them to continue with their well mannered behavior and not say 'that's okay' when a child does something wrong...not to mention when a woman walks in your stall! ;-)

Have a great and safe weekend!

*Random Tip: Avoid using a loofa, wash cloth, or back brush on a fresh sunburn. It hurts, it really really hurts. And then the hot shower water just adds to the hurt. Hold out for a few days, you'll be glad you did. Pin It Now!


Janine said...

Good subject!! I'm all for manners from people of all ages. I think parents need to start when their kids are very young,the dinner table being a great place to begin. My personal pet peeve is being at church and the children are running wild, in and out around elderly people. The parents are totally oblivious. Children need to learn to respect others. I like your suggestion to reply in the right way when a child is making the effort to be courteous!

Katie said...

your tip makes me wish I had the opportunity to get sunburnt right now. *sigh* no chance of that happening soon in the midwest!

Annie M Culley said...

The first words I taught my kids were please and thank you and sorry!! Now it basically comes second nature to them! I have a huge pet peeve with the attitude of teenagers now who "expect" the best with no manners and no work ethic! Emily I truly think of Mrs Sandra Benson as I am raising my kids because she held every kid the high expectation of having respect for your elders and manners! "Bless your little black heart" for bringing up this topic! Love it!


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