Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Random focus

I realize it's been some time since I've mentioned anything relatively close to my disability retirement and anyone who may be scratching their head seeing me do and comment on everything else; may be questioning why I've stopped.

Well, I really haven't. It's just nothing has gone on. I'm in waiting mode right now. Since all the paperwork has been turned in there's nothing for me to do but sit and twiddle my thumbs...and twiddle my thumbs I do.

I'm still on a very strict budget.

I still have no income coming in.

I'm still seeing what God is doing to provide.

There have been some hiccups recently and actually there are 2 phone calls I keep putting off because I don't want to hear the official damage...yes, I'm a chicken!

1. The personnel office telling me how much I have to pay back the state for THEIR overpaying me.

2. My tax lady to hear how much I really DO owe this year.

I cringe thinking of each conversation. I'm sure I'll make the calls at some point...if they really want their money, they know where I am. haha. <actually, they have no clue where I am!!> Ok just kidding. I'll be a the responsible adult I am and handle it.

There's an Officer that used to work for me who is very good at gleaning information from someone and is even better at saying it will stay between the two of you. I worked very hard to not give up personal or even work info up but I know I slipped up now and then.

All this to say, I talked with the c/o last month and officially announced through them that I wouldn't be coming back to work ever. They gave all the appropriate 'oh mans' and 'sorry' and blah blah, but I knew the whole time the c/o couldn't wait to get off the phone to pass the word that the Sgt. isn't coming back.

Not 1 person through the entire prison had a clue what was going on with me. But I can darn near guarantee they do now! It's great when I think about it. All I have to do is tell this 1 c/o and from there not worry about telling anyone else. Granted, I don't talk to anyone there. That's how tight my bond is with the other Sgt.'s and Officers there.

**you do hear the sarcasm in my voice right?? Ok, just making sure**

Any way don't mistake this for bitterness, merely stating the facts. As random as they all may seem. And my chance to update you all on the droll process I'm going through.

Because....who doesn't want a little droll in their life!!?

Thinking of that, I might tell a prison story soon. Some close to me know that was 1 thing I would never want to talk about. The things I dealt with at work, what I saw, what I had to go through, what has made me so cynical of people, what had truthfully given me nightmares for years and what I wish I never had to face. I know I have a lot of them. A LOT. So I might as well tell a few before I blissfully forget them all.

Sound good!?
Are you interested?
Have any questions for me?
Because now is the time. I will actually be WILLING to answer them. (yes I really just said that) Any that you have. Any that have bugged you and knew I would hate, loathe, despise answering...you have the floor.

The mic is yours!!

Here's a peak of one of the prisons I worked...

*Random Tip: See that yellow line?! STAY BEHIND IT! Pin It Now!


Annie M Culley said...

Yeah I've got questions...he he. My husband and I love all the cop shows and the behind the bars shows. So I am fascinated with the fact that you made it to Sargent! (Love it!) I'm sure you saw some stuff that was horrendous and I thank you for maintaining the yuckiest people around and risking your life to keep the public safe. Which prisons did you work at? How were the men's attitude that you worked with? That's a start in questions....start you off easy!

Janine said...

I'm sure you'll never see a yellow line without remembering the 'good old days' (ha!).

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

ugh, i hate hard phone calls like that!! hopefully they turn out better than you think :)


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