Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Have you ever

Aahh Wednesday, some love you, some hate you but I don't mind you. You once were my Fridays and sometimes my Mondays and now you're my have you ever days.

Update from yesterday: I only have 1/2 a tank of gas, darn it! And I never went grocery shopping but found a bunch of soup I had frozen in the freezer, SCORE!

Have you ever been to a Michael Buble concert?
- Yes, 2 in fact. We love love love Michael Buble. Can't get enough of him and he is a great performer, I recommend ALL to go see him. The last concert we got floor seats and he walked by us and slapped my hand. 
 That's my head and he's the one with the microphone...

Have you ever been punched in the kidney by a guy?
- Yes, gotta love high school. I was 15/16 sitting on a desk before class when a guy (who I had this 'punching friendship' with...I was a bit of a tomboy) came up from behind me and punched me in the kidney. He took it a little bit too far with that one and pretty sure I told him so. Boy that really hurt. 

Have you ever met a den mother for a strip club who would punish the strippers by putting itching powder in their "costumes" if they didn't give her enough of their tips?
- Yes, I used to work at an animal hospital in Vegas years ago and she would always bring her 2 dogs in and would be full of stories. She was not a woman to be crossed as the strippers would learn, rather painfully. 

Have you ever been in a push up competition, lost and still hold bitterness over it to this day?
- Yes, It followed the sit up competition I mentioned last week. The guy in charge was standing over me, since I won. After announcing me as the sit up winner he said for everyone to get ready for the push ups. I asked him if I could rest for 2 minutes. He said, NO then said ready set go! I started doing push ups. By 115 I was getting really tired. My strategy was to do 2 then rest for 10 sec, 2 rest for 10 since I didn't know where everyone else was and wanted to stay ahead. It proved fatal. On my second push up my arms gave out and I stopped at 133. Come to find out the closest person to me was at 100 and was doing 1 rest for 10 AND her hands were being held down, which to this day I still believe was cheating. She stopped at 150 (which irritated me that she kept going past my #) and won. yeeeaahh, this was 6 years ago too. One day I'll let it go, one day.

Have you ever driven across the country?
- Yes, we took an entire month to do it. Went from CA to Virginia/D.C and went the southern route. We had such a wonderful time, taking our time and seeing everything possible. It really is a great way to see our beautiful country...and meet Paula Deen along the way.

*Random Tip: Instead of frying bacon, bake it on a cookie sheet in the oven. Lightly spray the sheet with Pam (makes it easier to clean) and pop the bacon in a 400 degree oven. After 10 minutes drain the grease, place back in the oven and cook for another 6-9 minutes (depending on your desired crispness). Drain the grease again, place bacon on a paper towel to blot and eat the yumminess. No frying splatter mess to deal with.
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Katie said...

yay for soup surprises! Does it make me a terrible person for thinking the stripper story is hilarious? Cause it do! :)

Mamarazzi said...

i laughed out loud over the stripper story, THAT is hilarious AND all kinds of wrong.

i love Paula Deen....and i always cook my bacon in the oven!

Sam {} said...

goodness gracious that is a lot of pushups!! i did 50 at lunch today and felt totally beat :)

meme-and-he said...

love all these fun tidbits!!! happy wednesday!

Simply Sara said...

Lol, the strippers!!


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