Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yippy skippy

The sweet and cute and adorable Victoria at Our Love Never Fails has tagged me in the 7 facts blog awards and I heartily accept.

Aren't you all tickled pink (get it? it's pink) that you're going to learn 7 things about me that you never ever knew before?

I thought so. Would you like me to continue to stall to build up the anticipation of the moment...or jump right in?

What? Jump right in? Okie dokie then.

  1. I have watched the movie Tremors soooo many times that I can practically say every line while watching it. It's a fantastically hilarious movie if you haven't seen it. GO, go now,(well after you finish reading of course) and rent it...no! buy it. You'll thank me after. 
  2. At 21 I believed the only way I could quit my job in Vegas was to tell them that I was moving out of the state. So I up and moved to Los Angeles. They liked me so much I didn't know how to quit, get another job and stay in the city. I was young, haha.
  3. My junior year in HS I broke my foot in the middle of basketball season yet still played the rest of the season on it. Truth be told, I didn't know it was broken until after State competition. It hurt like a mug though.
  4. I absolutely positively figuratively and literally hate, loathe, despise anything casserole. Do not give it to me as a dinner, I will not be able to stomach it. 
  5. I am a coffee snob. I only drink Dunkin Donut that I have delivered to me every few months.
  6. In all my 29 years, I've only had 1 real boyfriend, yep you guessed it, G-man. <I don't count the unfortunate 4 months in college with a name I still keep from my mouth to this day, besides, 4 months at 18 isn't real.>
  7. I follow recipes to. the. T. Only recently have I begun to add my own spin on them. 
Do you all feel so much closer to me now for knowing these deep dark secrets fun facts? You can silently answer that, I'm feeling a little vulnerable at the moment. 

So to continue the 7 facts love I will now randomly tag 4 people. Ready set go!

Sara at Simply Sara
Christina at He.Makes.All.Things.New
Katie at J&K
Jennifer at The Blair Affairs (you're my latest follower, yay, thank you and welcome =)

Did you all know it was going to be you?? I can be predictable sometimes. 

I better get back to all things baking! I am making a ridiculous amount of baked goods for 75 women tonight. EEK! I've had my, just walk away from the kitchen, moments but have overcome them and ready to finish! Pictures of all the delicious (or I hope so any way) goodies soon.

*Random Tip: Read a recipe BEFORE you make it, not as you go along, so you are prepared for the next step coming otherwise you make a mistake and can't go back...like learning you are supposed to saute the onions before putting them in the biscuit mix.
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Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

great facts!! it took me a while to stop being such a slave to recipes, but now it's fun to go a little crazy.

Ashley said...

Totally coffee snob here too :) lol

Emily @ eat.drink.run. said...

I call my boyfriend G-man too!! :)

Love Actually is my movie that I could quote every line from. Never seen Tremors but now I'll check it out!

meme-and-he said...

love that your a coffee snob (nothing wrong with that!) and LOVE the story about your Vegas job..too funny!!!


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