Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Have you ever

I have no idea how that thankful post moved from 2 weeks ago to just pay it no mind...unless you want to read it of course haha. But know, it's really out of order and I just have no clue what happened.

Any hoo!

Have you ever worn a 'fashion forward' blouse where all the buttons were on the back but everyone kept stopping you to tell you your shirt was on backwards?
- Yes, After wearing it out a few times I had to stop from sheer embarrassment of people thinking I didn't know how to dress myself.

Have you ever seen someone spit out a bus window only to watch it come back 3 windows later to hit the unsuspecting person in the face?
- Yes, I was so grossed out by this. The spittor was very embarrassed and the spittee wasn't too happy about it, naturally.

Have you ever almost started a fight on a plane while it was 2 hours into your 5 hour flight?
- Yes, it was not my proudest moment.

Have you ever driven from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 3 hours and 16 minutes?!
-Yes, this IS one of my proudest moments. (I had to redeem myself from that last one...) If you've ever driven it, you know it takes 5 hours to drive. I'm an excellent driver.

Have you ever been pulled over only to have the cop talk to you for 15 minutes and share his whole work history not to mention tell you all about his family?
- Yes, I don't know what it is about me....He let me go without a ticket too...saying 'Have a great trip.' Gotta love it!

Have you ever been suckered into infomercials?
- Yes, I really am a sucker for them. P90X, The Bean, Beach Body Guaranteed, The Ab Rocker....I'm seeing a theme here. But sadly it doesn't just stop at workout stuff. The list goes on and on and on. Sucker, I'm tellin ya!

Have you ever put yourself in a small concrete storage room with a serial rapist, 2 murderers, a child molester and a 'normal' rapist without a radio or a PAD (personal alarm device) and not know NO ONE knew where you were?
-Yes, stupidly yes. My partner was hanging out with another c/o, the gunner, (no comment on him), so I went up with our bldg porters (i/m workers) to go through supplies. My partner had the radio and it wasn't "cool" to carry your alarm (yeah, I know it's dumb) but I thought they all saw me. I stood about 5 feet into the door but knew I was invisible to everyone. Probably 10 minutes later or so I hear keys (meaning a c/o was coming) and realize at that moment the position I had put myself in and it turned out to be my Sergeant. He pulls me aside, talks to me and that's when I learn absolutely NO ONE knew where I was or had been for the past 10-15 minutes. Needless to say, I wore my alarm from then on out and never put myself in that situation again. Rookies....!

Have you ever been locked in a building with 50 inmates all around you screaming at your gunner to open the gate to let you out only to have him refuse because he thinks you're supposed to stay inside ALONE?
-Yes, ...again...rookies! Here's the protocol: 2 Officers on the floor 1 Officer in the control booth (aka gunner) When an alarm sounds from another building or the yard goes down (say a fight happens...) BOTH floor cops run out of the bldg. 1 runs to the alarm. 2 (ME!) stands outside in front of the bldg to provide extra coverage for the yard (since that's where hundreds of i/m's are) Our gunner that day let 1 out but refused to let me out.  So it was a huge safety risk keeping me inside alone with the 50 i/m's he didn't make prone out. He finally let me out and we had words at his back window. All was resolved.

Have you ever walked through a mall and thought to yourself, 'ew, something smells horrible!' and you rush to get out of there, only to hear a woman passing by say to her friend; 'mmmm that smells SO GOOD!' 
- Yes, today in fact. It was putrid, I kid you not. I don't know what she was smoking to honestly think it was a good smell. But she loved it. Crazy people.

*Random Tip: Whenever cooking something in a crock pot never ever lift the lid. It's said if you lift the lid, that's 1 hour lost on its cook time. So, don't touch! Pin It Now!

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Sam {} said...

is that really true about the crockpot?! i'm always peeking...oops :)


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