Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Have you ever

Is it bad that all week long my brain says 'have you ever' in preparation for these posts? It's constantly thinking of new 'have you ever's'. Sometimes it's really annoying.

I have to tell it, 'Brain, you need to stop. Take a break for just 2 hours. Think of other things like puppies or the ocean or how about thinking about the old man that hit on you at the beach yesterday??! Just don't think of 'have you ever' moments for me, PLEASE!

(Seriously...old man. at the beach. hitting on me. *sigh* This is one of the many reasons I don't like to go to the beach by myself. Guys come to talk to me. He was a very nice man from NY who was vacationing, apparently by himself. He flies home Sunday. Any way...I'm getting off track.)

Have you ever crashed your moped in a busy intersection for all to see?
- Yes, In Waikiki. So very very embarrassed. The whole turning, breaking, accelerating thing hadn't sunk into the ol' noggin yet and I crashed right into the curb! Kind pedestrians ran over to help me, but I was so mortified I brushed them off, jumped up and zoomed away...I still have the scars on my ankle to prove it.

Have you ever been in a sit up competition?
- Yes, true sit ups for 30 minutes straight. I did 545 sit ups and won the competition. OH YEAH!

Have you ever been stopped in a clothing store 2 weeks later by a guy that saw the competition asking to see your abs?
- Yes, and...I admit...I showed him. He was impressed. hehe

Have you ever said something with complete sincerity to someone only to have it taken the complete opposite of how you meant it?
- Yes, I was 22 and a girl my age had 2 kids already. She came up to me to tell me she wished she was skinny like me and I responded (with sincerity) that I'm skinny because I haven't had 2 kids yet(like her). Well, it got all awkward since people around me thought I was saying she was fat and insulted her...I wasn't!

Have you ever kept a childhood tradition all through your adult life?
- Yes, since I can remember I have stayed up until my birthday. I was born at 3:02am. So every night before my birthday I will either stay up till exactly 3:03am (so it's official) OR set my alarm for 3:01am so I can sit there with anticipation. Every time I say, 'Happy birthday to me.' and then I go to sleep.

(and because it wouldn't be a have you ever post without a speeding comment)
Have you ever driven hundreds of miles to a destination and not have anyone pass you?
- Yes, this used to be a big deal for me when I was younger. I would make sure I was the one passing people and would feel disgusted when someone was coming up on me. So I would speed up even more, just to keep my record of no one passing. (I know...I was crazy or weird or stupid...however you're seeing it right now)

So, have you ever!???

*Random Tip: Instead of a lemon, put a slice of cucumber in your glass of water. It's wonderfully refreshing and a nice change from the sour lemon. Pin It Now!


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