Thursday, March 24, 2011

Because I must

G-man sent me a text in lieu of his normal good morning the other day and I just have to share how it all played out...much to his joy I'm sure (sarcasm there).

G-man: I hate you
Me: I hate you more
G-man: No. Seriously! U have me making my bed, washing off the coffee spoon. Heck! I even fold my uniform pants and put them in my closet instead of the couch.
Me: *gasp* how dreadful! Who is THIS girl that is altering your life in such a horrible way!?
G-Man: I know. People r gonna think I've got my stuff together or something. You're ruining me.

Just love that man (especially when he says heck, so cute!) For the record there's something about walking into a room with a made bed that makes me so happy. It completes the clean room for me and I can't stand the stirring spoon placed on the counter with coffee still on it.

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Dilan Dilir said...

Oh i got sleepy when I looked at the bed,it´s cute!

Katie said...

I loooove the look of a made bed. Oddly enough, I never make mine!

Sam {} said...

so i used to make my bed every single day before i was married (probably before i could even walk i was making the bed), but now we never do!! i've just had to let it go...but it kind of feels good :)


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