Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Have you ever

I'm diving in today people!!

Have you ever had to pop both your ankles, both knees 4 different ways, both hips 2 different ways in order to walk like a normal person + pop your fingers, palms, wrists, elbows, deltoids, collar bones, neck in all different directions, your upper middle lower back in any way possible and your deep lower back just to be able to move?
- Yes, I never claimed to be normal.

Have you ever made a bet with a guy that dining wasn't spelled d-i-n-n-i-n-g? 
- Yes, I only bet when I know I'm going to win, why do it otherwise right? He believed 100% it was spelled with 2 n's so I bet him a soda (I know, big stakes) that it was with 1 n. Guess who won!? glug glug glug!

Have you ever lived with such horrible roommates who stole your food, mugs, detergent and anything else they could get their hands on that you marked your milk line after each use to monitor usage?
- Yes, remember the L.A story (see #2)? After living in L.A for 6 months, my roommate got married so I had to move fast and found these 4 horrible people to live with. I was working 2 jobs and could barely feed myself so it would hit hard when they took all my stuff. It got so bad I hid my t.p in my room. I didn't see my favorite mug for 4 weeks before it turned up dirty in the sink.

Have you ever lived with such dreadfully horrible roommates (yep, same ones as above) who, when asked if you had any mail, looks at you, says, 'no' then says, 'hold on, let me look in the trash.' Pulls out your mail that is opened, read, with the papers sticking out of the envelope and out of order, hands it to you and says, 'yeah I think this is yours.'?
- Yes, she opened official government documents from the state that told me the date of testing to join CDC. If I hadn't asked at that moment, I would have missed my appointment and not been able to join the department. can we say federal offense?! Oh 10 minutes later she came in my room with another piece of mail saying, 'I just found this, I think its your's too.' was from the original envelope.

Have you ever driven down the road wishing you'd get into a car accident so you could buy a new car only to have a head on collision happen 5 CARS IN FRONT OF YOU?
- Yes, I said, 'sorry Lord, I take it back.' drove around the accident (everyone else was already there) and ended up driving that hated car for 8 more years.

Have you ever had such a horrible week at work you went to the mall and spend $400 in clothes, $650 on a ring and bought a new car?
- Yes, yeah, I know...I still have the ring, don't have the clothes and got stuck with what turned out to be a clunker for 10 years. I'd like to say that was only in my younger years and I've grown out of such wild amounts of spending but....

Have you ever told your mom your weakness is home goods stores and your desire to avoid them yet she still takes you in an antique store she loves, to make you spend $550 in stuff?
- Yes, okay so she didn't make me, but I WARNED her I avoided all things housewares! Truth be told, I would have spent $400 more on a chest of drawers but they only took debit cards, not my credit card.
I've mended my ways now, promise! --I still love my purchases for my home to this day by the way!

*Random Tip: Leave home without your money to keep yourself from spending. Pin It Now!


Ashley said...

HAHA, love these... :)

Sam {} said...

wait...what?!?! girl, you crazy!! explanation on number 1 please :)

Tatiana said...

First of all, my husband does that number 1 thing all the time!
Second, what in the world? You must have lived with some crazy people! I hope you were able to get out of there soon

Dilan Dilir said...

have a wonderful day my dear :D

angie on maui said...

These random factoids totally made me laugh...well, except for the two about your horrid roommates. The milk, your mail...seriously - what a nightmare! :(

GreenGirl said...

Kudos for the impressive retail therapy!
MAN! Wow.
I spent about $400 today on shoes, clothes at the Loft, and stuff at IKEA and ULTA (needed a new hairdryer).
But I think when I bought my car, writing the down payment check was enough for a couple of weeks for me.
But seriously. I'm impressed.


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