Thursday, March 17, 2011

Story Time

So I said I would do this weeks ago and have been putting it off. I'm sure you all have forgotten I said I would tell a work story. You can admit it, it won't hurt my feelings.

I'll start out with the very first day I ever stepped into a prison and was around...inmates *gasp*

So gather around kiddies and grab your popcorn..or your just might fall asleep on me, hard to say.

I was in the academy when my company; GOLF COMP-ANY! (I just shouted that...did you hear it?)

Any way, went on our 1st COSIT (no clue what it stands for but basically we went and toured prisons) We were like lambs led to the slaughter, especially on our 1st COSIT...and especially for us girls. There were I think 5 girls to 35 guys in our co.

We arrive at the 1st prison and are all bunched together as they lead us to our first dorm. It's Z dorm, affectionately known as ZOO Dorm because of how crazy it is in there...and crazy it is!

We had to walk down 10 steps to get to the gate to enter the dorm, which is really a gym converted with bunks and single beds. AAALLLL the i/m's are staring at us and I know all of us girls questioned right then and there whether we wanted to really do this...and I'm sure a few guys did too.

I/m's have a way of making a person feel very uncomfortable with their stares. They practice these stares...

We're ordered to walk amongst them, talk with them, even search them and their lockers/bunks. I was a scared little girl that day. I made sure I was walking with other cadets and freaked out inside when I found myself alone having to walk past the i/m's.

They would cat call and whistle (all things they absolutely cannot do) and again stare down us girls. My Sgt/Company Commander would get on the i/m's when they did it, but seriously, they didn't care. They'd wait for the Sgt. to walk away and continue with what they were doing. That's what i/m's do.

It was a major eye opener for me being there. Smelling it....a prison has one of the most distinct smells you will ever come across, never to be forgotten but one you hope to never smell again. It's putrid.

I'm not too full of pride to admit that I was afraid being there. Seriously! Who wouldn't be walking into a prison with a bunch of i/m's acting all tough?! I did my best to put up a front but they're like animals in this way, they can smell fear in people and they pounce.

No, I was never pounced on. But I know they definitely noticed my fear. Wide eyes are hard to hide, haha.

*Random Tip: When asked a question by a superior that you don't know the answer to; say "I don't know."  Never make up an answer by using the words; "I believe it is, or, I believe so, or I think that's right". Admit you don't know and inform them you'll get the answer promptly. They'll appreciate the honesty and you'll be free from the stress of fake answers.
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Janine said...

The smell thing is so true, even in jail. The inmates were always quick to comment about any new smell, such as the faint smell of perfume on a jacket I hadn't worn in a while or any kind of food smell on was kind of creepy, but to them it was bliss. ha!


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