Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Have you ever

This has no relevancy, just wanted a tranquil start to the post.

My goodness it's Wednesday. Anyone else feel this is the longest week ever? I normally don't have much concept on dates or days or times...I'm not working right now so there's no need for me to watch the clock anymore.

(is it weird that I'm a little embarrassed to write that I'm not working, even though you all know it's because of my disability? I feel this weird shame about it, yet it's impossible for me to work, so why am I stressing!? agh!)

With that said, longest. week. ever. So let's pep it up and pick it up with my Wednesday ritual.

Have you ever agreed to bake goodies for, what turned out to be, uh I think over 80 women?
- Yes, though I made myself stressed out and overwhelmed over it, I enjoyed being able to give in this way. I give God the glory for pulling it all off with just enough time before the event.

Have you ever seen a new Dentist who takes molds of your mouth, x-rays and gives you a full check up and when you walk out to the receptionist she says, 'That'll be $3000 please.'
- Yes, really yes! She expected full and complete payment right at that moment. That's all he did. I think my deer in the headlights, I think I just saw a ghost look on my face made her take pity on me. She "let" me pay it all at the next visit. And yes, I had insurance.

Have you ever been stung by a hornet a 1/2 inch from your eye and you scream and scream and when you take a breath and go to sit on the ground find out you're about to sit in horse manure?
- Yes, I was 9. A girl was banging on a hollowed corral where a hornet's nest lived. They came out angry, all the girls were screaming, I turn around to see what happened and here comes this hornet right at my face! Stings me! Now I'm the only one screaming (and being stared at like a crazy person) and when I go to sit down everyone yells at me not to. I think I'm about to sit on a hornet and it's horse poo and I scream in fear. at. horse. poo... Eye swelled shut for a few days after.

Have you ever forgotten someone's name that you've known for over 3 years, worked with for over 1 year and sneakily asked them what their FULL name was, acting like you wanted to know their middle name just to get their first name?
- Yes, it worked. Still to this day I know her first name. That was 15 years ago.

Have you ever seen a young girl with her thong strings sticking way out of her pants in a huge crowd where everyone is laughing at her and gone up to her and whispered that her thong was showing, and she looks back at you and says, 'I know, I did that on purpose.'?
- Yes, This was back in the day when it was 'just starting to become a fad'. I was at an N'Sync concert (yes I said N'Sync! Bye Bye Bye...) walking out and there she was. I wonder if she knew that everyone was laughing and pointing at her. And she thought she was being "sexy" no less. What a nasty trend that was/is.

*Random Tip: Did you put on your shirt and find white deodorant tracks on it? Use your nylons to wipe them away. Rub on the spot where the deodorant is and they'll fade away. Put a knee high in your purse for on the go use. Pin It Now!


Sam {} said...

oh dear me...the underwear showing thing is so awful. good for you for telling her :)

Katie said...

dying over the thong story!

Janine said...

wow! we must be twins separated at birth (kind of funny, huh?), seeing as how we were separated at birth. I digress.. I, too have been stung by the eye, only by wasps. I went through a chain link gate & shut it a little harder than normal. Wasps had built a nest in the pipe above the gate and they came swarming out and got under my glasses. It wasn't pretty!

Dilan Dilir said...

Oh thanks dear :D Yes ofc we can follow each other,I+m following u now <3

Jossie said...

Hahahahaha! I totally remember the whole thong story! Oh, the crusty you got from that girl, lol!


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