Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Reality, please be nice to me

Reality and I don't always get along. Sometimes it'll bite me really hard or I'll scream at it "I hate you reality!" So it's a love/hate relationship between us. Ok, I really don't scream at it...well maybe in my head I do...

I'm back home...*deep breath* It kinda sucks but I'm doing my best to dwell on other things.
Like this:

I have nothing to eat. NOTHING! That milk is only there because we stopped at the store on the way home from the airport. I must have my cream (which is in the door) for my morning coffee and milk for cereal. 

So to the store I must go...eventually...

But then reality pops it's head in and says...'remember, you don't have funds.' darn you reality for reminding me!

Before I go to the store lately I have to check all the websites for deals, the weekly store ads for what's on sale and write out my huge grocery list, determine which stores I'm going to hit and head out for the day. This takes me HOURS. I'm still not used to doing this. And by the time I'm ready, it's too late to start the grocery shopping day.

I commend all who have this down to a science and save tons of moola, I'd love some counsel on this. For too many years I've just gone out and bought whatever I wanted when I wanted without thought. Now I feel I am entirely TOO aware of the mighty dollar.

I thank the person, who will remain nameless, who has given me grocery money to get what I need. It's very hard to be in this position of need... very hard....very very hard. But am blessed to know they're there to help me. 

Now I must focus on the things I need to get, here's to hours of list writing, pantry checking and Internet searching. 

...I wonder if my tank is full in my car?? I can't remember if I filled it up before leaving to give me a full tank of gas or if I didn't bother, only now to regret that decision with it being 30 cents more. 

Reality...please be nice....Guess I'll find out soon!

*Random Tip: Hydrate your skin when sun burnt with lots and lots of lotion. It helps it heal faster and reduce the pain and peeling time. 
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Katie said...

Girl, I totally feel your pain. Groceries are expennnnsive! We figured out a system that saves us big bucks by menu planning and shopping only at Aldi and Wal-Mart!

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

ugghhh...i hate trying to use coupons. please teach me if you find a good method.

Anonymous said...

looks like my fridge when the hubs is gone...


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