Friday, June 17, 2011

Boy, aren’t you a lucky duck!

It’s Friday and I figure I’d save you from a dark and down post, because it. was. coming. You’re welcome.

I actually didn’t get a chance to finish it before I had to leave for a few hours and now I’m in such a great and happy mood that it just didn’t fit me anymore. And I definitely didn’t want to creep back into it by finishing the post.

So any hoo, I’m happy right now. woot woot!

Let’s all capitalize on this moment, shall we?? Do you need a pick me up today? I’m your gal. Need that encouraging word? Seek me out. Want a joke?? I got plenty, and yes they are hee-larious. Every single 3 of them. Need a hug? I’m..well, I’ve lost my ability to hug actually.

I get all uncomfortable, which will make you uncomfortable because we’re doing the whole jerky movement forward thing. Is she going in? No, do I go in? Um, ok I’ll just lean back a little more to show I’m officially not going in, because what if she wasn’t going in?

Aaaaand then I wave to increase the awkwardness because you’re only 3 feet away from me and I’m practically waving to your face.

Don’t believe me? I did that last night. I made a ‘going in’ move but it was innocent because I was talking and I flail my arms when I speak (just ask anyone who knows me)
and the woman made a jerking movement as if to go in for the hug and saw I stopped then she stopped and 1 minute later I’m waving.

The End!

Well for that any way. It’s Friday so go do something tonight or tomorrow or tomorrow night. The sky is the limit because it’s the weekend.

I leave you with my awesome gas mileage from all my trips. My SUV is pretty darn awesome with it’s gas mileage and yes of course I took a picture of it while driving…you’re telling me you wouldn’t?!
IMG_0265 (570x419)

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Katie said...

such a random post! Love it :)

Ashley said...


Dilan Dilir said...

haha nice post:D

Tatiana said...

I love that you're happy!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! for!!!!!!! HAPPYYYY!!!!
And, you should just know that I'm a total hugger, so once we meet you should get ready 'cause I'll hug the crap out of you (hopefully not literarily bc let's face it it would make for an awkward first meeting). Consider yourself warned!

Megan said...

Hahaha. You made me laugh. I hate awkward moments, except they are pretty hilarious!

I'm glad that you are happy!

denise* paper angels said...

emily!! you're crazy! but in a very good way. yes im glad it's the weekend too. i need a break from feminism and my dissertation it is driving me nuts. :p let me know how i can be praying for you :) x

Dilan Dilir said...

lovely pic:D


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