Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy 100 to me

So this marks my 100th post. Insane in the membrane…Insane in the brain!!

Ok, tell me you all just sang that along with me, so I don’t feel like a complete dork.

What will I do today to commemorate my 100th post, you ask? Well, I think I’ll do what most do (I’m such a follower) and talk about myself, of course! haha, I kid. I kid..sorta

Since my very first post back in February, I went from my 1 friend following me to 34 wonderful people willing to read about lil’ ol’ me. Ya’ll make me smile with each and every comment you leave me. Cross my heart it’s true!

Since I feel I’m full of wisdom (no, not full of hot air…WISDOM) I felt I should share some with you so you too can feel what I feel daily.

- When you spend decent money on patio furniture, take a little bit better care of the cushions, so you can actually utilize the furniture.

Tears me up every time I see my sad chairs sitting outside all lonesome, wondering why I have been so negligent.

…did you think it would be blogging wisdom? Alright alright, I guess I can do that too.

- If you have a blogger account, check to see if your email address is enabled. This let’s me and everyone else respond to your comment you’ve thoughtfully taken the time to leave. Here’s how you do it: go into your dashboard and click “edit profile” beside your picture.  Then check the box next to “show my email address” (if it isn’t checked) and BAM! now we can respond to your comment or question you left.

It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Promise.

-  Break up your paragraphs. If you see my first, second and third posts that I ever wrote, you’d see how big my paragraphs were. Loooong and kinda hard to read. (albeit good stuff Winking smile )
But if you shorten your paragraphs down, we the reader have a much better experience with your blog. And it really helps the eyes too.

Then there’s the obvious:
- No music
- Get the pop up comment box
- Remove the funky word we have to write. (now, I just did this to test it out. It doesn’t bother me all that much to type it in, but apparently it bothers A LOT of other bloggers and some won’t even leave comments because of it. They claim you’ll get a lot more comments when you remove it. Eh, I guess we’ll see.)
- Simplify things

And then for me, personally, I like when the print isn’t itty bitty or in such a pale color, my eyes strain to read the print. OR the background is all black. For some reason, all black backgrounds REALLY hurt my eyes. I’ll generally leave the blog immediately if I see that. As good as it may be, it’s not worth the pain.

I better stop there. If I continue then ya’ll will have as much wisdom as me and then, what fun would that be for me? Am I right?

Thanks everyone for a great 5 months of blogging!! I’ve loved getting to know you all!

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Sam {} said...

GREAT tips!! happy 100 posts :)

so glad to know you through the blog world. keep the awesomeness coming, girlfriend!

Ashley said...

Yayyy! Congrats! I've loved reading your blog ever since I found it through Sam (above) hehe! Great tips too! Thanks!

denise* paper angels said...

lol that word verification thing DOES bug me haha... not that i wouldnt comment if someone has it (that would kinda defeat the purpose of the comment lol) but it makes my heart sink a little every time it pops up. i reckon it takes less time for me to delete a spam comment than it does for someone to type in the word thingum anyway!!! anyway i dont use gfc personally but im subscribed to your rss feed... so thats how i keep up to date with you anyways!x

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

This so funny... I am so with you on the blogger advice! :) Happy 100th Post!

Michelle said...

Great tips! I'm so happy for you! Blogging is great! Happy 100!!! Here's to many more! :)

A Little Bit of This & That

Clarinda said...

Ok, so I totally sang the first line in my head...and then I read your request. Bonus points for me, I guess. ;)

Congrats on your 100th post. Loved your tips! Well, except for the pop up comment window. I dislike that option. Perhaps that's just me. (Obviously, it doesn't keep me from commenting *snort*)I recently switched back to the embedded comment option myself, cuz that's my preference.

This is my first time visiting your blog, so I'm off to poke around a bit.

Michelle said...

Happy 100!!!! Isn't it such a great feeling?!

Have a good wednesday!

carissa said...

Happy blogging to you! I agree with all of your plentiful wisdom! : )

Jossie said...

I HATE when I have to type in the word for leaving a comment. Anyway, I don't think I'm technically a 'follower' of your blog but you're linked to mine so you can count me as 35 because I do read it, lol!

LeAnna said...

Happy hundredth to youuuuuu! WORD to all that advice. Ditto, and ditto, and ditto...

I'm alla'bout shortening paragraphs.

To annoying one sentence statements.

Like this.


I would get rid of word verification, but I hate the porn spam that soon follows. Or the peni$ enlarging "medicine" spam. I hate that. I hate spam. Especially Wiener spam.

That is all.

Tatiana said...

Happy 100 you old pro!
Love the advice, and I would also remove the word verification but I'm with LeAnna on this one! I don't need any porn stars making their debut on my account :-)


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